January 2010
Long time Christian activists know American Family Association as a seasoned organization that has labored for over a generation to protect family, freedom and faith in America. Now a new generation of activists are emerging. [more]
Between doors
The year 2009 was filled with downsizing, layoffs, and plant closures. Unemployment is now at its highest rate in over 25 years. [more]
What Hitler knew
AFA’s Bryan Fischer recounts a sobering lesson from history. [more]
Worth saving?
A shameful past sets the course for
America’s number one provider of abortion
services … and our government is complicit. [more]
Muslims … where they live, what they believe
Since the events of 9/11 there are probably very few Americans who have not had a conversation about the religion of Islam and its adherents, called Muslims. [more]


Pepsi raises ante once again [more]

Sherwood Pictures announces new film slated for 2011 [more]

Hostility grows against Christians, says ADF [more]

Man fired for traditional marriage stance [more]

Scholastic Books carries homosexual tween book [more]

Coed dorms foster more binge drinking, more casual sex, study says [more]

No progress + lower standards = progress? [more]

Parents face fines to opt students out of sex ed [more]

First all-Christian prison on drawing board [more]

Tennessee will fight unlawful fed takeover [more]

Personhood USA marks first anniversary [more]

CW Network continues to push envelope, some sponsors abandon ship [more]

New film debunks global warming crisis [more]

Two judges say child porn penalty too tough [more]

Citgo corporation enforces no porn rule [more]

Pastors apologize at gay pride event [more]

Your cosmetic’s secret ingredient [more]

AFA gets pro-life award
AFA President Tim Wildmon joined the ranks of people such as President George W. Bush, Senators John Cornyn and Sam Brownback, and the producers of the movie Bella when he received the Defender of Life Award at the Justice Foundation’s October 2 awards event. About 700 people attended the banquet in San Antonio, Texas. [more]

Bella, the movie, spawns pro-life ministry
Bella, an independent pro-life movie (See AFA Journal, 1/09), led to the 2008 founding of Bella Hero, a ministry that is saving babies’ lives by its presence in pregnancy resource centers across the nation. [more]

Entertainment reviews:
• No Greater Love
• Sarah’s Choice
• Kabul 24
• In the Blink of an Eye

Things Bro. Don has
taught us at AFA
By Randall Murphree, AFA Journal editor
Most AFA friends and constituents are well aware that Dr. Don Wildmon, our founder and chairman, was hospitalized with encephalitis on August 14. More than three months later, the Wildmon family has weathered a storm of no small proportions – a short life-threatening season followed by long, sleepless nights at the hospital and a transfer 200 miles away for physical therapy. [more]

It took Him only a week
By Tim Wildmon, AFA president
I remember sitting in the pew when I was a kid listening to my dad preach. Most of us don’t remember many sermons from when we were young, even if our daddy was the minister. You just hope all the messages you can’t remember sank down into your soul somewhere and make you a better Christian today. [more]