February 2008
Islam and the West.
According to an increasing number of press reports, Christians who live in Muslim-majority nations around the world appear to be enduring increased hostility[more]
Good news for conflicts
What does it take to overcome conflicts in marriage? A short list of solutions aimed at Christians would surely include a deeper understanding of God’s design for marriage … [more]
Firemen fight eternal flames
An organization of Christian firemen who call themselves Firefighters for Christ (FFC) is answering the call to share the Savior of the world with their fellow responders. [more]
An interview with Keith and Kristyn Getty

‘Speechless’ awaits March premiere [more]

Casinos recover more quickly than Coast citizens [more]

Pediatricians say it’s OK to spank [more]

More adults online [more]

California teacher ‘rants’ against Christianity [more]

Colleges lead students from spiritual to secular [more]

Author testifies of misery that comes from gay parenting [more]

Survey, study: Media is biased [more]

Porn access now easier at work [more]

Porn becomes mainstream for emerging adults [more]

Potential rise in mobile porn [more]

Euthanasia becoming more common practice [more]

Abortion articles prompt painful responses [more]

Abortion increases future chances of low-birth weight [more]

George Washington – model of Christian virtue
In these politically correct times, George Washington isn’t the hero he once was. [more]

Broken compass
AFA Journal interviews Jim Ware, co-author of Shedding Light on His Dark Materials, a response to the popular movie The Golden Compass. [more]

Layman puts Gospel on the road again
“I felt like a Catholic boy who got blessed by the Pope!” That’s how Jimmy Evans recalls his brief meeting with Rick Warren, author of The Purpose Driven Life. [more]

Entertainment reviews [more]

Wanted: 100,000 pastors willing to help repair America’s foundation
AFA chairman/founder
According to a recent study by the Barna Research Group, young people (ages 16-29) today are eight times less likely to say they have positive feelings toward evangelicals than the comparable age group just a decade ago. [more]

Christian activism, the Gospel not mutually exclusive arenas
By TIM WILDMON, AFA president
In the middle to late 1970s a new movement began to grow out of the Christian church in America.. [more]