February 2010
Darwin in stone
The latest origins debate is over the claim that there are no weaknesses or alternative explanations to the theory of evolution. [more]
Islamic resurgence
Christianity and Islam. They are the world’s two largest religions and quite similar in important ways, not the least of which is a core belief that its tenets are to be spread throughout the world. [more]
The cost of global warming hysteria
“The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” Chicken Little spread fear and hysteria with that line from the ancient fable. But obviously the sky wasn’t falling. In today’s debate about global warming, has Chicken Little returned to sow chaos and fear over claims about climate change? [more]
Embryo donation
In early March 2009, President Barack Obama lifted the strict limitations on embryonic stem cell research that the Bush administration had imposed. [more]


OMM harvest victories in 2009 [more]

Pastor chooses jail over intimidation [more]

Christians forced to hide faith in school [more]

 ‘Jesus Film’ screening attacked in Pakistan [more]

Christian Brits win free speech court battle [more]

Federal workers’ raise exceeds inflation rate [more]

Sex ed fails, say dissenters to CDC report [more]

Company offers faith-based virtual games [more]

TV increases violence against women [more]

Houston is largest U.S. city to elect gay mayor [more]

Washington, D.C., passes same-sex marriage [more]

Two-thirds of U.S. abortion clinics closed [more]

Catholic school hires former PP nurse to teach [more]

Leading Christian physician leaves AMA [more]

ELCA bishop rejects Bible on homosexuality [more]

Life, Marriage, Justice
From the earliest years of the New Testament church, Christians have attempted to summarize their core beliefs in creeds and confessions. For many believers through the centuries, statements like the Apostles Creed, which dates back to the middle of the second century … [more]

Plain words and The Word
Randy Alcorn knew his book Heaven was going to be big. He was thinking size, not sales. Alcorn has always used Scripture references in his writing, but he wanted to do something different in his definitive work on heaven – he wanted to quote Scripture in the text. [more]

Entertainment reviews:
• To Save a Life
• Israel: A Journey Through Time

The truth hurts
By Don Wildmon, AFA founder
A friend of mind went to see the doctor some years back. He didn’t want to hear what the doctor told him. And I doubt very seriously that the doctor looked forward to telling my friend the bad news. But he did tell him and my friend did listen. He was told he had cancer. [more]

Tiger needs a mulligan
By Tim Wildmon, AFA president
In June 2008, my 14-year-old son Walker asked me to go golfing with him. I told him no thank you – I had almost killed a man once with one of my shots 25 years ago – and it was not in God’s plan that Tim Wildmon be on the golf course.