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Heroes at home
For Dick and Elizabeth  Peterson, multiple sclerosis turned their lives upside down. Now, 16 years after her diagnosis … [more]
rubber stamp
Does telling the truth mean one is hateful? According to many politically correct groups and liberal pundits, apparently it does. [more]
Ancient words that unite
Ray Pritchard suggests a simple, historical document – the Apostles' Creed – as an instrument that could encourage unity among Christians. [more]
With life in the balance, can God be trusted? In March 2009, Elizabeth Simonis was 21 weeks pregnant. With the exception of some common discomfort, she felt fine. [more]
Issues@hand Commentary

Four years, four stars [more]

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Pastors: porn impacts my church [more]

FBI stats reveal hate crime facts [more]

President Obama on the free market [more]

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Fired for protecting women [more]

Tough year for America’s top abortion provider [more]

Charity forced to cease ministry [more]

NBC bias forces apology [more]

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Christian bias at Walter Reed military hospital [more]

Some things no longer seen in ‘show me’ state [more]


Generosity Water
In 2008, teenager Jordan Wagner set out to provide pure water for Third World villages. Today, Generosity Water serves thirsty people in 17 nations, a perfect metaphor to introduce them to the Living Water. [more]

AFA’s Homeschool Channel
AFA’s Homeschool Channel continues to broaden its impact with a growing list of teaching resources produced by HSC and gathered from other experts across the nation. [more]

Marriage training for ministry leaders
One of AFA’s primary goals is strengthening marriages and attempting to create an environment in culture that appreciates and protects the sanctity of marriage. With that goal in mind, AFA is partnering with the American Association of Christian Counselors to host the Marriage America Conference. The conference will take place April 12-14 at the Rosen Plaza Hotel in Orlando, Florida.[more]

Game of Your Life
Out of the Darkness

Pastors, please lead us
By Don Wildmon, AFA founder
According to a recent study by the Barna Research Group, young people (ages 16-29) today are eight times less likely to say they have positive feelings toward evangelicals than the comparable age group just a decade ago. Moreover, today’s young people view Christianity in a very negative light, with more than 75% saying present-day Christianity is “judgmental,” “hypocritical,” “old-fashioned” and “too involved in politics.” [more]

Financial issues
By Dan Celia, host of Financial Issues
on American Family Radio.
Q: I am trying not to withdraw from my IRA account. I am 68 years old. Is that a good strategy? [more]