March 2008
Ben in the lion’s den
As an economist, presidential speechwriter, author, columnist and actor, Ben Stein has already had a full life. So why host a controversial documentary … ? [more]
Standing with hope
When you see the Rosenbergers in person, it takes little imagination to understand why they operates a ministry aimed at amputees in developing countries. … [more]
Islam’s olive branch?
After the attacks of 9/11, many people in the West, including Christians, were asking, “Where are the moderate Muslims?” [more]
INSP/AFA-sponsored TV show
debuts March 1

AFA suspends Ford boycott [more]

Are pro-lifers winning the abortion battle? [more]

Swedish prostitution ban successful [more]

ACLU defends sex in public bathrooms [more]

BBC says sex addiction on the increase [more]

ABC blindsides viewers with 'f'-bomb [more]

U.S. motto back on top [more]

FCC hits ABC with $1.43m indecency fine [more]

Gay voters turn out at polls [more]

Threat of MRSA infection increased by gay sex [more]

Dallas library computers burdened by porn [more]

China leads world in Bible production [more]

Think movies
Intense and emotional, this line-up is not for the faint of heart. [more]

Rotten fruit
Teenagers and sex. This day and time it's rare to find one without the other, and young evangelicals are no exception. [more]

The power of one – AFA’s familiar refrain
AFA chairman/founder
We received an e-mail at the office a few days ago from a supporter in South Florida. It’s the kind of e-mail that keeps me going on days when I’m discouraged … [more]

The gardens, the tomb, the light
From the Mount of Olives, our car inches down a treacherous, one-lane road, stone walls bordering each side. At the bottom, we wait. [more]