March 2009
Wheeler-dealer brings hope on wheels to disabled kids
Eric carried their most precious treasure, four-year-old Andrea. Andrea’s limbs hung limp against her daddy’s body. Her head lay listless on his shoulder. [more]
Porn and marriage The other day I was helping my wife tidy up the kitchen. I asked her, “Christie, how would you feel if I was struggling with pornography?” [more]
Financial advice from the one who wrote the book on money What’s the best financial advice you’ve ever received? Perhaps it was one of these maxims: [more]
• How parents can help their children see the love of the lamb in the reality of the cross [more]

Pepsi TV ad pushes gay lifestyle [more]

Conservative leader Weyrich passes [more]

Father Neuhaus, conservative Catholic voice, loses battle to cancer [more]

Bible, religious freedom deemed incompatible [more]

Home schooling on rise according to report [more]

Fraternity stands on ‘Christian values’ at secular university [more]

Maine introduces bills supporting, opposing traditional marriage [more]

2009 presidential dollar coins prominently display national motto [more]

Defenders of family now in ‘gay’ bull’s-eye [more]

CDC says homosexual men account for 65% of syphilis cases [more]

Stem cell trial cleared, questions remain [more]

New HHS civil rights reg will protect patients [more]

Group says AARP is pushing porn [more]

‘Sexting’ on the rise [more]

Considering home schooling?
“In recent years, there were more than 16,000 homicides in the United States. Drunk drivers killed 17,000 innocent victims. All forms of cancer took half a million lives – nearly 1,500 a day. And yet the most prolific killer of our time remains an ugly secret, cloaked in darkness. [more]

Media watcher offers insights
Last year was full of events that changed the cultural landscape. Ted Baehr, founder of Movieguide, a family guide to movies, believes five major things happened in media and entertainment in 2008 that reflect the state of the culture we now live in. [more]

End of the culture war?
Christians had better start praying that President Barack Obama is unable to keep his word when it comes to his campaign promises. [more]

Spring Break with a purpose
Make this Spring Break count for something more than a week of laziness. [more]

Forgiven, made alive, by the power of the cross
By Buster Wilson
A film coming out in March chronicles the life of my friend Arthur Blessitt. He has walked for 40 years with a 12-foot wooden cross, sharing Jesus with people from every nation on the planet. [more]

Hollywood films continue to find fewer fans
By Michael Boyer
For the second straight year, domestic attendance at movie theaters across the U.S. took a plunge. More than 50 million fewer tickets were sold in 2008 than in 2007, a drop of 3.6%. [more]