March 2010
Interview: Mike Huckabee
Mike Huckabee has a way of making complex things simple without being simplistic. It’s a gift that some just call common sense, and it can probably be credited, in part, to his humble upbringing in Hope, Arkansas. [more]
In defense of belief
… as full of compassion as it was of truth … political commentator and analyst Brit Hume addressed the subject of disgraced golfer Tiger Woods, …
The ebb and flow of grief
Whether it’s the death of an aging parent who has suffered for a long season, or the sudden accidental death of a young child, grief has a way of putting us all on common ground. [more]
10 culture destroyers
… a 20-year veteran of the movie industry, names 10 men in recent history who he believes have led the way in destroying the Christian moral consensus in America’s entertainment culture. [more]


AFA co-sponsors Texas pro-life rally [more]

Wildmons honored with pro-family recognitions [more]

Group wants Christianity out of history books [more]

Coptic Christians persecuted in Egypt [more]

Newspaper poll: people want smaller government [more]

Mother Teresa featured on U.S. postage stamp [more]

Americans know pop culture, not history [more]

Parents arrested for not registering home school [more]

Software helps parents decipher online lingo [more]

Advertisers drop ‘Family Guy,’ ‘American Dad’ [more]

Christian preschool on NRB Network [more]

New Jersey rejects tuition aid to illegals [more]

Church faces eviction over homeless issue [more]

Republican bashes intrusive census survey [more]

Verdict comes down for Ten Commandments [more]

ACLU, PP join forces [more]

Another study reveals significant link between abortion, breast cancer [more]

Liberal talk radio network goes bankrupt [more]

Church leader training tops list of downloads [more]

Wow or woo?
According to The Barna Group, a research and resource group focused on the intersection of culture and faith, “Since the 1950s, mainline churches have fallen on hard times, declining from more than 80,000 churches to about 72,000 today.

One nation under God
I am a Christian who worships the God of the Bible, the God to whom we have access through Jesus alone. I’m a wife, a mom, an employee of American Family Association, and a concerned citizen of the United States just like all of you here today. [more]

On the shoulders of giants
“Raised in a Christian home,” he said, “I became a Christian as a young boy, but truly matured in my walk during my undergraduate years at Indiana Wesleyan University.” It was there he developed a Christian worldview that would shape the rest of his life. [more]

Why we abhor Sanctity of Human Life month
By Buddy Smith, AFA executive assistant
Here at American Family Association, January is recognized annually as Sanctity of Human Life month. We utilize all of our media platforms joining pro-life America in remembering January as the month in which the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion was handed down by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Should Christians abandon politics?
By Tim Wildmon, AFA president
Have you heard this before? “Politics is dirty business and Christians should not be involved.” How about this? “Politics is not the work of the kingdom of God, so Christians should not waste their time on it.” Boy, doesn’t that sound spiritual? [more]