April 2007
Quiet power of the Gospel
One thing that became clear following the 2006 mid-term elections was that the evangelical left was determined to match the religious right Scripture for Scripture … (more)
MySpace, My Kids
… Who’s to blame when a 13-year-old, referred to as Julie Doe, lies about her age, meets an older guy on MySpace.com, .
Crushing dissent
There can be little doubt that over the last 15 years or so, the homosexual movement has been stunningly effective in getting much of its agenda put in place. (more)

AFA news operations merge [more]

Ford dropping ads from gay publications [more]

ECUSA meeting fails to mend fracture [more]

Principal disallows prayer in Veterans Day program [more]

Summit schedules summer conference [more]

Jersey judge orders sex offender to read Christian book [more]

Multinational police station targets pedophiles [more]

More kids exposed to online pornography [more]

Authorities bust child porn ring [more]

Pro-life legislation proves effective [more]

Are American universities teaching or preaching?
When it comes to the issue of homosexuality in public schools, the clash between the religious and moral beliefs of parents and the determination of pro-gay teachers and administrators is all over the map. [more]

By way of prayer
by RANDALL MURPHREE, AFA Journal editor

Cultural warriors can’t give up