April 2008
Do hard things
Alex and Brett Harris’ father put them on a strict reading regimen that included books on everything from quantum physics to globalization to historical biographies. Not a teenager’s ideal summer. [more]
Purging the pain from political campaigns
Running for public office need not be a painful marathon says Vicky Hartzler, former Missouri state representative. … [more]
Radical Islam’s plan for world domination
Across the globe Islam appears to be mutating into a more virulent and aggressive strain that is demanding submission to Allah – or else. [more]

Coalition urging boycott of
’Day of Silence’

‘Speechless’ gets off to great start [more]

AFA suspends Ford boycott [more]

AFA meets with Lowe’s executives [more]

One in 99 American adults behind bars [more]

Movies honored for faith and values [more]

Virgin ‘Idol’ exposed [more]

Jane Fonda, NBC air vulgarity on Today show [more]

Baby born healthy after docs say abort [more]

Mom aborts twins, hangs herself [more]

Anglican group quadruples membership [more]

UMC leaders accused of bias against Israel [more]

Russian Orthodox bishop challenges WCC [more]

Is wholesomeness only
skin deep?
The widespread success of made-for-TV movies like High School Musical (HSM) and sanitized TV series’ like Hannah Montana and Zoey 101 is a phenomenon that’s sweeping the country, mesmerizing tweens, ages 8-12, and prompting parents to breathe a sigh of relief. [more]

‘A gay disease’
The head of a major homosexual group admitted for the first time that HIV/AIDS is “a gay disease,” but added that he believed victory for the full range of the homosexual agenda was inevitable. [more]

Prayer! America’s strength
and shield
AFA Journal editor
The theme for the 57th Annual National Day of Prayer – “Prayer! America’s Strength and Shield” – is taken from Psalm 28:7a: “The Lord is my strength and shield; my heart trusts in Him, and I am helped.” [more]

The irony on intolerance
AFA president
I am a Christian fundamentalist, meaning, for one thing, that I believe in the declaration by Jesus Christ in John 14:6.
I believe His claim to be absolute truth. [more]

Defining evangelicalism down
By PAUL EDWARDS, guest commentary
The Religious Left is successfully redefining what it means to be a conservative evangelical by misrepresenting what it means to be a conservative evangelical. [more]