April 2010
The beat goes on
Based on a book by Michael Boyers, this is second and final feature identifying 10 men who significantly contributed to the decline of traditional Judeo-Christian morality in America. [more]
Roots of Easter
For many, Easter is when little girls dress in new pastel dresses and shiny patent leather shoes; young boys don their button-up shirts … and ladies parade in their new Sunday best. [more]
Gaying the military
If gay activists and their political allies have their way, the most lethal military in the world will become an experiment in social engineering. [more]
Anyone for tea?
Conservatives and independents are coming together to make their voices heard. The results: many Tea Party rallies … with flags, signs and costumes in small towns and cities. [more]


AFA radio network focus set for April [more]

AFA ends boycott of PepsiCo [more]

Christian leaders to gather for prayer [more]

Christians killed for witnessing, media mum [more]

Churches friendly, not friendly enough [more]

New view of socialism [more]

Texas refuses federal education funds [more]

German homeschoolers granted asylum in U.S. [more]

Hasbro pushes Ouija board as toy for tots [more]

Walmart, P&G promise family friendly programs [more]

Burger King suffers for sponsoring trash [more]

Study: parents know best [more]

U.S. Census audited [more]

Pro-life group celebrates Anthony birthday [more]

Atlanta billboards highlight high rate of abortions among blacks [more]

Blackballed for his religious views?
Bryan J. Brown, a longtime pro-life activist and a one-time attorney for the AFA Center for Law and Policy, is no stranger to either controversy or battles against overwhelming odds. Now he is neck deep in both at the same time. [more]

A past mired in porn, a future molded by faith
Members of Christ Church Jacksonville Anglican (Florida) were stunned by their discovery as they explored Playtime Drive-In Theater, property the church had just purchased (in 2008) for a new building. Among old films still in the building were such titles as Kinky Business and Private Teacher. [more]

The need is great, the call is clear Presently, more than 130 million orphans are estimated to be in the world. “Scripture is very clear that if we desire to reflect God’s heart in the world, one of the key ways that works itself out is in loving service to orphans,” said Jedd Medefind, president of the Christian Alliance for Orphans. The Alliance is a cohort that “works to ignite and equip individuals and churches for effective, Christ-honoring service to orphans,” according to its Web site. [more]

By Don Wildmon, AFA founder
Milestones mark our lives in various and unexpected ways. Last August, when my family finally convinced me to go to the doctor with a lingering illness, I expected to get some minor treatment, a prescription for antibiotics, orders to rest a few days, and then be back going full steam ahead the next week. I would have argued with anyone who suspected otherwise. [more]

See, I told you the Bible
was true

By Tim Wildmon, AFA president
My e-mail address is public so, as you can imagine, I get plenty. Mostly just advertisements for Mexican banks, Canadian drugs or items of an extremely personal nature. Extremely personal. And, because of the nature of my work, and the fact that I am somewhat opinionated, I get my share of detractors. [more]

Making sense of your dollars
A new column by Dan Celia, host of Financial Issues on American Family Radio. [more]