May 2007
Pink power
Two articles by Ed Vitagliano reveal the effective strategy gay activists use in promoting their agenda
Article 1: Silence
Article 2: Gay power play
Oprah’s ‘Secret’ deceives million
The Gospel According to Oprah is more than just a book title; it’s a mindset that has created quite a following for the billionaire talk-show host. (more)
AFA reviews books, DVDs
Our take on a variety of books and movies of interest to Christians, including a number of children’s DVDs.  Book reviews
DVD reviews
Focus on Christian parenting
Mom power
The children nobody wanted

Ford sales continue downhill slide

AFA launches movie review site

Court: Social workers violated Christian students’ rights

Americans fail test of religious knowledge

Quarter of U.S. women have HPV

More scientists sign on as Darwin doubters

Pro-life literature allowed at Michigan school

Professor’s anti-Christian stance overturned by school

Two school cases involve speech rights vs. gay rights

Judge nullifies online porn protection

Europe debates abortion

Appellate court again tramples First Amendment rights

Renting wombs become source of income

Pro-life efforts paying dividends, researcher says

Major NCC funding comes from non-church groups
Religion, politics and money can form an intriguing triangle of elements for a fictional story. However, when the same combination converges in a real life exposé that confirms the aggressive, left-leaning agenda of a venerable Christian organization, churches are wise to take the facts seriously.

Breaking, training, obeying
Paul Daily’s life changed from that of a rough and tumble guy to that of a gentle giant.  

How to build a football team
by DON WILDMON, AFA Founder/Chairman

Freedom spawns initiative, creativity