May 2008
The Gospel in Gotham
Frank Sinatra sang it and millions of people have taken up the challenge: “If I make it [in New York], I’ll make it anywhere.” (Includes a review of The Reason for God by Tim Keller.) [more]
Is hating ‘haters’ hateful
Hate has a pretty bad name in the world today. No one wants to be called a hater, especially Christians, which is probably why we get accused of it all the time by our opponents. [more]
Church? No thanks.
Seventy percent of the people, 23 to 30 years old, are nowhere to be found in church on a regular basis … [more]


McDonald’s declares itself ‘ally’
of gay group

Millions view ‘Speechless’ episodes [more]

Study says one in four teen girls have STD [more]

Americans give more money than time [more]

Mom pens kids’ book about patriotism [more]

California appeals court reconsiders home-school ban [more]

Family groups urge parents to leave gay-friendly public schools [more]

Filmmakers promise to monitor
PG-13 TV ads

Hollywood flaunts angenda, pushes envelope [more]

Internet child porn more pervasive, accessible [more]

New study says more women accepting of porn [more]

Federal agency fines porn ‘spammers’ [more]

Porn continues to plague church members [more]

Brits: Abortions can lead to mental breakdown [more]

Planned Parenthood income:
$1 billion

Ten Commandments monument upheld by U.S. Circuit Court [more]

Fellowship focuses on joy in Christ [more]

Prayer: Our greatest opportunity
Excerpted from the book Like a Tree by Mitchell Tolle, American artist. Prayer is not a matter of skill or eloquence. It is a matter of doing, and most people don’t pray. [more]

Public acceptance of homosexuality grows
Polling results from Gallup indicate that the public’s support for homosexuality continues to grow. But all may not be lost for pro-family groups. [more]

Pray, pray, pray
AFA Journal editor
We said it last month, but it’s worth repeating. We want to urge our readers to participate in some event on National Day of Prayer, May 1. [more]

Faithfulness, integrity still count
AFA president
I am a Christian fundamentalist, meaning, for one thing, that I believe in the declaration by Jesus Christ in John 14:6.
I believe His claim to be absolute truth. [more]