MAY 2011
Tea time When the Tea Party movement began to arise in American politics in the spring of 2009, the mainstream media questioned its origins and intentions … [more]
Social media in ministry – Everyone who uses e-mail has received a forwarded message that ends with the statement, “Send this to 10 friends if you really love Jesus.” [more]
Other side of the coin – Dan Celia looks the part – mid-50s, trim, conservative dresser, slight Philadelphia accent and a haircut that says low maintenance. No surprise – Dan is a financial investment expert. [more]
A profound picture of the Gospel What does it mean to be a mother? What does it take? Is it the nine month period of carrying a child or going through labor that can take several hours? [more]

Values Voter Summit set for October 7-9 [more]

Home Depot boycott hits half million [more]

Court upholds student’s right to speak against homosexuality [more]

Christian sign deemed dangerous [more]

Congress considers defunding sexual abstinence programs [more]

Court decision forces girl to public school [more]

Rutgers University to allow co-ed dorm rooms [more]

Virginia high school changes policy on Ten Commandments [more]

Pollster: Obama hard to beat in 2012 election [more]

Poll says Americans fear for Social Security [more]

Government responsible for a third of U.S. wages [more]

American troops to get sensitivity training [more]

ADF suit saves woman after life support is removed by guardian [more]

South Dakota governor signs abortion bill [more]

MSNBC host calls Revelation fiction [more]

184 pedophiles arrested in rescue operation [more]

Retired UMC bishops seek doctrinal change pornography revealed [more]

ADA calls out J.C. Penney for magazine ad [more]

Family, faith movie producer to create family-friendly television
Human trafficking. Rescue. Tension. Danger. But the American team had been there before. Traveling with a rescue and relief agency, they were in Southeast Asia to locate and rescue victims of human trafficking.

ReviewsWhile a couple of this month’s reviews merit positive consideration, most reveal that companies hawking “family friendly” entertainment still include far too much objectionable content.

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
Friday at Noon
Run On
Gulliver’s Travels

Secret at Arrow Lake
Flight of Faith
The Encounter

13 things I wish I’d known at age 13 By Debbie Fischer, editorial assistant
Debbie Fischer was once asked to share some motherly wisdom with a family friend’s daughter as she turned 13. It’s still pretty good counsel for all of us. [more]

Discipleship – something is missing
By Matt Friedeman, AFA president
Years ago in the Wall Street Journal, Martin Marty wrote an article on evangelicalism. These were the headlines:
• An Evangelical Revival is Sweeping the Country, But with Little Effect
• Shunning the Sinful World
• Effect Has Been Small
• Shying From Involvement [more]

Financial issues
By Dan Celia, host of Financial Issues on American Family Radio.
Q: I’m concerned about our Social Security system, as well as the security of my pension income. What can I do to insure that I don’t outlive my retirement savings? [more]