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April Cover Babies in boxes
Operation babylift
One remarkable mother tells of bringing orphans out of Vietnam in cardboard boxes on a cargo plane. [more]
Passing the passion
With anecdotes and experience, a mom shares principles she has found to communicate her faith to her children. [more]
Fathers and sons
How important is a father in a son’s life? Pastor/author Byron Yawn says, “Boys need fathers like trees need trunks.” [more]

In this issue, three feature stories focus on parenting:
Passing the passion
Fathers and sons
Pillars of purity

Issues@hand Commentary

ObamaCare threatens religious freedom [more]

Let’s be clear: Catholics lead in pro-life cause [more]

Save the date: Values Voter Summit [more]

Cameron defends marriage [more]

The Bible tells parents so [more]

Virtual validation [more]

U.S. agencies get pro-gay overhaul [more]

Can you hear us now? [more]

Hockey pros tell homosexuals ‘You Can Play’ [more]

Campus blocks Christian vendor [more]

My Brother’s Cup [more]

School adopts pro-gay stance [more]

Huh? [more]

School favors chicken nuggets over homemade lunch


Pillars of purity
With sex a ubiquitous feature in our culture, how can kids be protected? Scientific evidence clearly demonstrates that parents and religion are two primary and critical bulwarks. [more]

Blessed are the peacemakers
A police chaplain brings insights into his calling and challenges others to minister to law officers.” [more]

Movie, book reviews
Including two new parenting books by Dave Stone [more]

“We believe that this generation of students …” [more]

“It is a rising genocide that ought to provoke global alarm.” [more]

Kudos … to Newsweek
By Tim Wildmon, AFA president
Yes. Kudos to Newsweek magazine for giving a cover story to a subject mostly under-reported by the mainstream media: the worldwide persecution of those who practice the Christian faith. [more]

Financial issues
By Dan Celia, host of Financial Issues
on American Family Radio.
Q: What can we do to prepare for the inflation that you say is coming? [more]