June 2010
The cultural foundations
of GAY acceptance
Ideas have tremendous power. … That was clearly demonstated recently by a controversy in a small town in north Mississippi, when a lesbian demanded whe be allowed to attend her high school prom on her own terms [more]
How important is America’s past to her future?
All together now, everyone say, “Very important.” Agreed?Then take a few minutes and test your readiness to pass along our nation’s heritage to your progeny using these 10 questions. [more]
Follow me
Matt Friedeman – father, seminary professor and radio host – offers thoughts regarding his assessment of fatherhood in our culture today. [more]
Dangerous idea
Can an idea be dangerous? If yes, who gets to decide which ideas are dangerous and which ones are not? [more]


AFA campaign asks for involvement [more]

Students take issue with new health care law [more]

School under fire for biblical confession [more]

Students: Remove ‘Our Lord’ from diplomas [more]

Hobby Lobby invests in Bible museum [more]

Actor fired for refusing to play sex scenes [more]

Families together more [more]

Iowa city renames Good Friday, changes it back [more]

Lesbian activist appointed to EEOC Board [more]

Nebraska passes pro-life legislation [more]

High school conceals daughter’s abortion [more]

Campaign encourages North Korean believers [more]

Child pornographer plans to appeal judgment [more]

Fitting flag forms
The flag code is readily available to the public, but some of it is difficult to understand. Therefore, many people ask the same questions pertaining to the proper etiquette and respect for the flag. [more]

Reviews and resources
Secrets of the Mountain
Fathers of Vision
Pahappahooey Island: Do It Afraid!

Vampire love … discerning the message of the Twilight series
Over 100 million books have been sold. They have been translated into more than 35 languages around the world. Over 100 fan Web sites are dedicated to this series of novels. The novels themselves have won numerous awards for best children’s literature. [more]

Love packages
At the beginning of the 21st century, almost 500 million people spoke English. Of those, many lived in poor areas with limited access to literature, especially Bibles. Steve Schmidt, founder of Eagle Nest Ministries in Butler, Illinois, has a God-given passion for making Christian literature available to these people. [more]

Why eagles fly, chickens flutter
By Donald E Wildmon, AFA Founder Emeritus
Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, the eagle and chicken were very good friends. Everywhere they went, these friends went together. It was not uncommon for people to look up and see the eagle and chicken flying side by side through the air. [more]

No atheists in birthing centers
By Peter Heck, OneNewsNow.com columnist
It has often been said that there are no atheists in foxholes. Having never been in combat, I can’t speak to that. But having just been present for the birth of my first child, I feel quite comfortable saying there are no atheists in birthing centers – at least none with a lick of sense. [more]

Financial issues
By Dan Celia, host of Financial Issues on American Family Radio.
Q: It appears as though the markets are recovering. Did I miss the boat or should I still get in? [more]