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July-August 2012
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It’s 3:15. Can you defend
the gospel?
Tough questions arise when skeptics resist the truths of the gospel. Learn how to respond with apologists at Truth for a New Generation Conference [more]
Examining executive enmity
How hostile is the current presidency toward Judeo-Christian values? You’ll be stunned at this list of examples from WallBuilders’ David Barton. [more]
Threatening religious freedom
This analysis reveals how the hotly contested Obamacare behemoth would redefine your religious faith and tell you when, where and how you can practice it. [more]

Every day, every way … show them Jesus – When it comes to parenting, the Word of God is clear: Believers are diligently and consistently to train, teach and admonish their children in the ways of the Lord. [more]

Issues@hand Commentary

AFA retreat at The Cove [more]

Values Voter Summit set for September [more]

Hollywood hears OMM, AFA protest [more]

Home Depot shrugs off growing boycott [more]

Moral, social issues still important to evangelicals [more]

TV networks get graphic [more]

Supreme Court may hear Jackson case [more]

Not a person in Oklahoma [more]

32 and counting [more]

Where Christians live [more]

Most giving states [more]

Transgender ‘woman’ loses Canadian beauty pageant [more]

Can a Catholic Be a Democrat? [more]

Most business-friendly states [more]

Study reveals top U.S. porn cities [more]

Stem cell expert caught in alleged lie [more]

$1 Million for proof of sex [more]

Obesity grows in U.S. [more]

Majority says judges hostile to religion [more]

How to contact your elected officials [more]



Praying in the classroom – legally
It’s a little known fact: 34 states have laws allowing – some even mandating – a daily moment of silence in public school classrooms. [more]

Uncovering the roots of family
This insightful interview with a 90-year-old scholar shows us how the roots of family are not in society’s mores, but in the divine nature of God. [more]

Practicing responsible citizenship
It is not only a privilege and a right; it is a responsibility of every citizen to vote. Find pointers here to help you prepare for the critical November elections. [more]

Finding ways to serve
Octogenarian Shirley Sparks’ example challenges seniors to find ways they can still be involved in ministry. [more]

Reviews [more]
For Greater Glory
Act of Valor

Chuck Colson, committed
Christian, consummate citizen

By Tim Wildmon, AFA president
What struck me most about this man was that he was always excited about some new book or new project he was working on to somehow further the kingdom of God. And wow, did he evermore make some major contributions to the Lord’s work after he dedicated his life to Jesus Christ in the mid-1970s. His 16 books sold over 5 million copies. [more]

Financial issues
By Dan Celia, host of Financial Issues
on American Family Radio.
Q: I’m feeling less and less secure with my money in the bank. Am I safe? [more]