July 2007
Revival in Europe?
If you had a few bucks to spare and were … a “bettin’ man,” where would you place your money on this question: Will Europe continue to depart from its Christian roots, or will it return to its ancient faith? [more]
Second Life
So you want to start a business, make lots of money, build your dream home, find new friends, even fulfill your sexual fantasies? Then look no further than an Internet Web site known as Second Life [more]
Defending the faith
Their appearance on the cultural stage is being termed a “coming out,” suggesting that the faithless faithful are about to kick open the door of unbelief and demand mainstream acceptance. [more]
Remembering the cost of freedom
Thank you! Thank you!
The soldiers sacrifice

Ford top sponsor of GLAAD-approved TV [more]

End of an era: AFA law team members take separate paths [more]

AFA leaders praise the late Rev. Jerry Falwell [more]

ID backer denied tenure at Iowa State [more]

German home schooler reunited with parents[more]

Poll: Parents back abstinence education [more]

Stay-at-home moms worth $138K, group says [more]

Students punished for resisting pro-homosexual event [more]

Planned Parenthood named in lawsuit [more]

Study: Religion has postive impact on kids [more]

What agenda?
There is no doubt that American culture is in the midst of a massive shift in values, a shift begun in the 1960s, continuing today and no doubt into the foreseeable future. [more]

World Congress on Families IV
More than 3,000 delegates to World Congress of Families IV, held May 11-13 in Warsaw, Poland, were warned of growing threats to the “natural family” such as declining birth and marriage rates. They were encouraged to take action to defend society’s most basic institution. [more]

Torchlighters series
The Torchlighters: Heroes of the Faithseries is a collection of animated stories presenting the lives and sacrifices of Christian heroes including Jim Elliot, William Tyndale and John Bunyan. [more]


Kleptmaniacs are born that way
by DON WILDMON, AFA Founder/Chairman
There is a group of individuals who are victims of persecution by our society. They are kleptomaniacs. [more]

Profile of a lukewarm church
Perhaps you have heard of the work of The Barna Group founded by George Barna. The Barna organization is best known for its surveys, reports and analyses of the role of religion in America and specifically the state of the Christian church in America. [more]