July 2008
Joyously bound
If you had to define marriage for your teenager, what would you tell him or her? There are a lot of people arguing over marriage nowadays, and everyone seems to have a different way of describing it. [more]
Teens answer The Call
Teens in Yuma, Arizona, experience revival at their public school while fasting for 40 days. On the 39th day, they begin preaching to their classmates … [more]
In the hands of Providence.
George Washington is one of the most significant men in all of history. … he may well be the most significant champion in all history. [more]


Groups fight same-sex marriage ruling [more]

‘Speechless’ episodes and discussion guide now available [more]

Dirty Dozen update [more]

Movie Gallery: Bankrupt values, bankrupt company [more]

Fewer U.S. teens having babies [more]

Is evening news a thing of the past? [more]

Methodists uphold traditional marriage [more]

Divorce, unwed parenting cost taxpayers billions [more]

Divorce reform proposals introduced [more]

Former Reagan aide warns against growing government [more]

D.C. proves gun bans don’t work [more]

Voter ID law upheld in Indiana, elsewhere [more]

State of Indiana keeps motto plate [more][more]

PCUSA court sides with pro-homosexual pastor [more]

Study: Media more liberal, secular than ever [more]

Internet child porn more pervasive, accessible [more]

Pornography splits public library board [more]

Internet porn a growing problem with children [more]

Study says conservatives carry less coin [more]

Christians giving less to church? [more]

Southern Baptists report decline in baptisms [more]

The war within
Good and evil went to war again on the big screen with the May release of The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. [more]

Teens love ‘Gossip Girl’ … and why that’s not good
Raunchy. Provocative. Borderline pornography. These are terms used to describe a spring ad campaign for Gossip Girl, the racy flagship program of The CW network. [more]

Another child star, more poor parenting
“For parenting with a 15-year-old, Rosemond’s Awfully Ludicrous Parenting Honor goes to … yes! ... Leticia and Billy Ray Cyrus!” [more]

Gay advocates silence opposition
Three recent incidents demonstrate the growing power of homosexual activists and their sympathetic allies to suppress the voices of any who disagree. [more]

Draw your own conclusions
AFA founder/chairman
In May, I wrote the following letter to 61 Christian leaders, mostly heads of denominations. [more]

Beware of goose killers
By Tim Wildmon
AFA president
Over the years when I have been critical of our current president, my lovely and talented wife Alison has basically defended him. [more]

Prayer: Who’s really listening?
By Ed Vitagliano
Once again, this year’s National Day of Prayer (NDP) on May 1 brought unmerited complaints from the pluralism police, griping about evangelicals praying together in an exclusive manner to the God of the Bible. [more]