July 2010
Second opinion
March 23, 2010. In a large ceremony in the East Room of the White House, President Barack Obama signed into law a huge, sweeping reform of the nation’s health care system … . [more]
Faith in schools
Eric Buehrer founded Gateways to Better Education in 1991. Gateways offers many resources for teachers, parents and students to see how their faith doesn’t have to be put on the shelf when they enter a public school classroom. [more]
Deism and the Declaration
This month we celebrate the 234th birthday of America. From grade school, we are taught what happened on July Fourth and on the days leading up to the signing of the Declaration of Independence. But were we taught the truth? [more]
Calling others to change
Pro-family groups and others who defend traditional morality have battled the homosexual political movement for decades, especially as the cultural conflict over it intensified in the 1990s. [more]


Wildmon’s pro-family work wins honors [more]

Controversial war memorial stolen

Master’s student sues over First Amendment infringement

Legal experts disagree with court on NDP

NFL coach takes stand on character

iPhone gets into defense of faith

School sued for First Amendment violations [more]

Movie Gallery going out of business

New mothers more likely single, well-educated

Providence Forum offers new Philly documentary

Governor vetoes two abortion bills

Pro-lifers use health care reform to further cause

EAFC expands reach with annual event

Jobs says no porn for iPad, iPhone

Court rules library can have Internet filter

Nothing but God
Crane Durham could have stumped the panel on What’s My Line?, the popular game show during the early days of television. The show featured a celebrity panel that questioned contestants to determine their occupation or identity. [more]

Antidote to Marriott porn
More than 20 years ago, AFA brought to the attention of its readers that Holiday Inn was selling in-room pornography. In those days, the pornography sold to hotels was called cable view, a form of content that cable companies sold that many believed was not illegal. Fast forward 20 years and we find that hardcore, sexually explicit pornography is being offered in most major hotels. [more]

Obama cuts funding to
faith-based groups
What began as “a brilliant move” by then-President George W. Bush to fund abstinence training in the fight against HIV/AIDS abroad has been turned on its head by the Obama administration. As a result, faith-based missions groups and church outreaches have lost tens of millions of dollars in support. [more]

Freedom unplugged
It’s Independence Day – our nation’s 234th birthday. Americans across the nation will celebrate with friends, food and fireworks. Many will gather in backyards with grills, games and grandkids. Others will congregate on the lawns of city hall. Some will go to church and sing patriotic songs. [more]

Reviews and resources
What if …
Flicka 2
Summer of the Monkeys
Class of ’91
Treasure Seekers Inc: The Tiger Eye

Like father, like son
By Donald E Wildmon, AFA Founder Emeritus
My study was located in a storage room directly behind our home. It was a very small room to begin with, and once I put my books and supplies and machines in it, I could hardly turn around. [more]

The facts say the resurrection is real
By Tim Wildmon, AFA President
Giving an account for our belief in Jesus’ resurrection is an important key to defending the Christian faith against agnostics and atheists. [more]

Financial issues
By Dan Celia, host of Financial Issues on American Family Radio.
Q: Can I can take money from my 401K or IRA and put it into a charitable gift annuity, so that I will receive income when I am 65 years old? I am 49 years old. [more]