September 2007
New man, new movie, new mission
Latino heartthrob Eduardo Verástegui is not stranger to the stoplight. … The actor’s signature good looks still describe him but they no longer define him … . [more]
Profs and religion
Professors are perceived to be diehard secularists, anti-religious and opposed to any and all expressions of Christianity on campus. Are these perceptions true? [more]
Power of stories
Nobody tells stories quite like my granddaddy. One of my all-time favorites is the turkey buzzard story. [more]
Courageous cusader, single-minded servant, humble hero
An interview with AFA Founder Don Wildmon

Ford U. S. sales continue to plummet [more]

“Values Voter Summit” set for October 19-21 [more]

Survey reveals Americans’ views about selves, religion [more]

Fewer Americans support same-sex marriage[more]

Toronto gays just aren’t getting married [more]

FDA keeps ban on blood donated by gay men [more]

Journalists strongly lean toward Democrats [more]

Study: child porn linked to molestation [more]

Kids solicited online
for sex photos

NYC Christmas decor challenged [more]

Freedom Fest honors military heroes [more]

It is time to pay the fiddler
An address given by AFA founder Don Wildmon in 1982. [more]

How ENDA could begin an
UNcivil war
In a frightening foretaste of what Christians in the U.S. can expect, the Church of England in the United Kingdom (U.K.) lost a landmark case involving a law similar to one pushed by gay activists in this nation. [more]

What a ride
AFA Journal editor
What a ride it’s been. When I came to work at AFA August 1, 1983, I was the seventh full-time staff member. Of the crew onboard at the time, … [more]

Timothian Confession
The older I get, the more the Holy Bible makes sense to me. Make no mistake, there is still much I don’t understand and never will, but the basic message I get.[more]