September 2008
2008 election special
AFA Journal offers an issue-by-issue voter’s guide that can be downloaded and printed. Includes the candidates’ positions on pro-life issues, the homosexual agenda, immigration, the economy and more. [more]
A world gone mad
An AFA video team witnessed history in the making in California in June. Here is a behind-the-scenes look at the making of AFA’s documentary Proposition 8 and The Case for Traditional Marriage. [more]
See You at the Pole
Last fall more than 3 million students in all 50 states and 20 nations participated in See You at the Pole, an annual prayer event at which students meet to pray for their schools and the school year.
FIREPROOF, a new movie starring Kirk Cameron, asks the question: “Why stay married?” [more]

Golden Arches go anti-family [more]

PTC, AFA condemn court’s reversal of Super Bowl fine [more]

Texas Bible decision may start trend [more]

Home-schooling advocate says public schools about status quo [more]

Man sues Bible publishers for homosexual content [more]

Democrats show true colors on Proposition 8 [more]

Federal court stalls Child Online Protection Act [more]

iTunes offers adult-oriented material [more]

New technology breeds new dilemma [more]

Court affirms law calling unborn ‘human beings’ [more]

Women cite economy factors in abortions [more]

Digital Gospel debuts [more]

Group encouraging prayer for U. S. troops [more]

Catholic young people disappoint leaders [more]

Prayer focus targets Beijing Olympics [more]

Creation Museum guests praised by hotels [more]

Teen pregnancies up for first time in 15 years [more]

Why vote
AFA Journal asked four notable Christians to give us their top reasons why believers should get active in the upcoming November elections by being informed about the candidates, the issues, and especially, by voting. [more]

Entertainment reviews
AFA’s Rebecca Grace reviews three recently released DVDs promoted as family-friendly. [more]

World friendly
The ringing phone jars him from his thoughts. He answers. A timid, frightened voice whispers, “Um, I need help. I’m worried about the safety of my family. I know this sounds crazy, but things are happening in our home, weird things.” [more]

Does it really matter what people think of us?
By Buddy Smith
AFA Special Assistant
How do people outside the church view those inside it? If you’re talking about Americans between the ages of 16 and 29, the answer is, “Not favorably.” [more]

Becoming a trumpet of the Lord
By Lee Grady
Editor, Charisma & Christian Life
A few weeks ago I watched a vintage Billy Graham sermon from the 1950s that aired on television. I said to a friend who was with me that I rarely hear the Gospel articulated today as clearly as we did through this amazing evangelist. A few days later, for my birthday, my buddy sent me three recorded Graham sermons on DVD. [more]