Kinsey looms She’s 76 years old and diminutive in stature, but there’s still a fire in her eyes when she talks about the sexual revolution and Alfred Kinsey, the man who set it ablaze. [more]
Remembering the faceless heroes of 9/11 – “We have been monitoring stories out of New York. It looks like a plane has flown into one of the World Trade Center buildings,” Fred Jackson remembers saying … [more]
Waiting on foreverImagine Henri’s solemn, sad, unforgettable face as he wanders through the rubble left by Haiti’s 2010 earthquake. [more]
Christian counselors … God’s Word is our grid AFA Journal interviewed Dr. Tim Clinton, president of American Association of Christian Counselors, about the role of Christian counseling in today’s culture. [more]

Values Voter Summit set for October [more]

California conservative wants new state [more]

Iranian Christians arrested for converting [more]

Texas mother gets probation, fine for spanking two-year-old [more]

AARP out of sync with senior citizens [more]

Atheist billboard removed from property belonging to church [more]

BK: You want a beer with that burger? [more]

Catholic U president ditches coed dorms [more]

Illinois cuts writing exam, saves money [more]

Utah TV station says no to ‘The Playboy Club’ [more]

Islamic group loses tax-exempt status [more]

U.S. mint holds $1 billion in coins public won’t use [more]

NBC apologizes for omitting ‘under God’ [more]

Churches suffer from copper thefts [more]

American Dream revised [more]

Actor says role made him re-evaluate fatherhood
Courageous, the fourth feature film from Sherwood Pictures, is a dramatic and often intense look at the lives of four cops and a handy-man friend who initially handle their careers better than they handle their kids. How they come to grips with the challenges of fatherhood is the theme of the story. [more]

Actor brings C. S. Lewis demon to life on stage
Screwtape paces restlessly back and forth across the stage, rumbling, ranting and raging against the forces of good and resolved to capture the soul of the man he’s been assigned to tempt into sin, and thus into eternal hell. [more]

Entertainment reviews
AFA reviews movies marketed to families: Theo: Teaching Children God’s Word
October Baby
Time Collectors

It’s all about the message
By Buddy Smith, AFA vice president
Don Wildmon honored at Asbury Society From its beginning, the goal of AFA has not been only about success or failure in the culture war or conceiving campaigns or establishing an institution. The implicit goal of every project of AFA has been about faithfulness to a message. [more]

Fired for belief in morality, marriage
By Frank Turek
“For best results, follow the instructions of the manufacturer.” These words often appear in the instruction manual that comes with a new item that needs to be assembled. The statement is true because the one who made the item or appliance usually knows better than others how to put it together and how it will work best. [more]

Financial issues
By Dan Celia, host of Financial Issues on American Family Radio.
Q: How will unbridled government spending impact individuals? [more]