October 2007
Teen sex: plain talk
Abstinence advocate Lakita Garth holds nothing back as she sounds off about the sex-saturated culture in which today’s teens are living and the impact it’s having on those who believe the lies disguised in truth’s clothing. [more]
EUREKA … say gay activists
It’s a little town in Arkansas with a name connected to Christian traditions Now, however, the name of Eureka Springs is also connected to controversy over the homosexual agenda. [more]
Genocide in Iraq
Iraqi Christians are facing annihilation at the hands of an increasingly militant Islam that demands submission – or else. [more]
• Slay the serpent
Documentary reveals porn’s sickening inhumanity

Ford sales collapse in August [more]

Dr. D. James Kennedy dead
at age 76

Foundation: Nativity scenes on public property are legal [more]

Honor clergy in October[more]

Home education is booming business [more]

Penn school ousts Bible, recommends witchcraft book [more]

Public critical of media [more]

Media sexualizes girls, report shows [more]

Planned Parenthood sneaks into community [more]

Thinking of God fuels generosity, postive behavior [more]

Plan observances of America’s Christian Heritage Week [more]

Heaven: what you didn’t know
Author Randy Alcorn is quick to point out that the Bible tells us much more about heaven than we might realize. [more]

Ten Commandments … take 3
Moses and the Ten Commandments is a story worth re-telling. Even Hollywood agrees. [more]

Ilyssa’s change
About three years ago, 10-year-old Ilyssa Claxton began dropping spare change into a jar under the kitchen counter. By the time she rolled it and cashed it in at the bank, the change totaled $286. [more]

Unexpected heroes
in unlikely places
AFA Journal editor
Through the years, I’ve stumbled upon more than a few heroes in places where I wasn’t looking for them and certainly didn’t expect to find them. [more]

Both life and ministry require constant funding
Sometimes I wish I had a whole lot of money. I do. Perhaps you have never had this feeling, but most people have. [more]