October 2008
Hidden strength
Ever wonder why there are so many denominations in America? Ever think it might actually be good for Christianity that there are? [more]
‘Billy’ biopic
It’s being touted as another coming-of-age story, and this time it’s about 20th century icon and evangelist Billy Graham. [more]
The Dark Exchange
Well-known Pastor John Piper
helps Christians develop a Biblical response to homosexuality and same-sex marriage.
Why adoption is becoming a Gospel movement [more]

McDonald’s sponsors summit promoting the gay agenda [more]

The new morality [more]

Nativity scenes are legal in public venues [more]

Judge: School may deny creation-based credits [more]

Homeschoolers tally high school credits [more]

Movie features nudity, rape of child character [more]

Birthrates sharply decline, Census Bureau says [more]

U.S. ministry: Global, eternal perspective [more]

Paperless braille makes Bible more accessible [more]

Prayer, purchase shut doors of porn store [more]

U.S. Senate ignores indecency law [more]

Porn video dealer fined for selling obscenity [more]

Miami gay porn club taints residential area [more]

Internet sex crimes
Almost all experts agree the dramatic increase in the sexual exploitation of children is directly linked to the advent of the Internet. [more]

Cloud Ten film offers riveting drama, solid Gospel
Saving God, a gripping and heart-wrenching film from Cloud Ten Pictures and Clear Entertainment, will release October 14 on DVD and into churches. [more]

Prayer Force One
A large tour bus pulls in front of the Indiana State Capitol, the words “United States of America” boldly emblazoned on the sides. People instantly start milling around, snapping pictures, chatting to each other excitedly. [more]

Preachers, presidents
and politics
By Tim Wildmon • President, AFA
Some very interesting – and provocative – comments were made by both major presidential candidates when they were interviewed in August by Pastor Rick Warren …

A crushing weight of grace
By Rusty Benson • Associate editor,
AFA Journal
As you can imagine, there is a lot of talk around AFA these days about the presidential race. … However, one issue that I have not heard discussed around here is the revelation that Palin’s 17-year-old daughter is pregnant.