Unique colleges for Christians For nearly two years, Ellen and her parents had been planning her educational future. In the spring of 2010, as she approached the end of her final semester … [more]
Freedom from porn – My mother tells me that when I was about three or four years old, I looked at a picture in our apartment and said, “What’s that picture mean?” … [more]
Life or DeathMatthew Uram’s face, neck, shoulder and right arm were covered in second degree burns. At an Independence Day celebration a number of years ago … [more]
Divorcing God – A new release from AFA examines the religious foundations of America and issues a warning that the nation must return to God or face the possible end of the republic. [more]

Sharathon is coming [more]

ADF defends evangelist charged with harassment [more]

Atheist group opposes cross in 9/11 museum [more]

Attacks on Christiansin Nigeria ignored [more]

NYC mayor plans to make sex ed mandatory [more]

Actor says pedophilia is Hollywood’s big secret [more]

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Air Force removes class with Bible reference [more]

ABC Family rated excellent by GLAAD [more]

Ten arrested in child sex trafficking case [more]

California: teaching gay history in state schools [more]

Bella Hero saves babies [more]

Students hold day of silence for unborn [more]

Family advocates resist ‘no kids allowed’ trend [more]

Florida governor uses Obamacare to fund abstinence education [more]

Clergy Appreciation Month [more]

Gen Xers shun divorce [more]

Number of food stamp users reaches new high [more]

Polyamorists … In love with love
In August Warren Jeffs, the leader of a polygamist Mormon sect, was sentenced to life in prison for sexually assaulting minor girls whom he had taken as “wives.” It was a bizarre case that focused attention on polygamy, one of those issues that only seems to crop up in “slippery slope” arguments against same-sex marriage. [more]

Preserving the sacred fire of liberty
In May, AFA Journal’s Ed Vitagliano interviewed Dr. Peter Lillback, professor of historical theology and president of Westminster Theological Seminary, for AFA’s documentary Divorcing God … [more]

For Waller, success defined by fruit
“I’m done with powerless religion. No more living in deception.” Those words encapsulate not only one song on his new album, As For Me and My House, they also succinctly summarize the life John Waller tries to live every day. [more]

AFA reviews movies and resources marketed to families:
Game Time: Tacking the Past
Marly & Me: The Puppy Years
A Force for Change
College Prep Genius
Somebody’s Daughter

Light through the clouds
By Donald E. Wildmon, AFA founder and chairman emeritus
A dark cloud has descended on America. Once the land of freedom and responsibility, once a culture guided by a Judeo-Christian heritage, once a land where righteousness was exalted, America has been shrouded by a dark cloud. This cloud has left us unable to tell right from wrong. Indeed it has caused us to call wrong, right.

Why is the FFRF offended
by prayer?
By Tim Wildmon, AFA president
Texas Governor Rick Perry hosted a prayer gathering called The Response in Houston on August 6. American Family Association helped finance the event. An estimated 35,000 people were in attendance. [more]

Financial issues
By Dan Celia, host of Financial Issues on American Family Radio.
Q: With so much volatility in the markets we don’t know whether to get out or stay in. Can you help? [more]