Nov/Dec 2007
Family fun
Any family looking for a Christmas getaway is sure to find something to fit their tastes in Branson, Missouri. Over the last decade, AFA has developed a deep appreciation for the folks at Silver Dollar City … [more]
Atheist opponent
On October 12, Dinesh D’Souza visited AFA and was interviewed about his new book What’s So Great About Christianity. [more]
Sword of Islam
“From Nigeria to Indonesia, Christians are under siege in virtually every single country in the Muslim, world the victims of countless acts of discrimination, depredation, brutality, and murder … .” [more]
AFA staffers serve God, country, comrades in Iraq

Gay coup in small town USA [more]

Does ‘The Golden Compass’ point to the new atheism? [more]

Ford sales drop 21% in September [more]

Mrs. Fields clarifies Christmas policy[more]

Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr. drops offensive ad [more]

American ignorance of Decalogue widespread [more]

Alcohol billboards boost kids’ desire to drink [more]

NEA paper called manipulative, dishonest [more]

Church motivates live-ins to marry [more]

Schwarzenegger signs pro-gay measures [more]

San Diego firefighters forced to march in gay pride parade [more]

Study: Many Christians too busy to pursue God [more]

Can gays change?
A new study concerning the possibility of homosexuals leaving that lifestyle is roiling the waters of debate, challenging the dogma of mental health organizations who insist that homosexuality is immutable. [more]

Activist profiles
Meet three Christian activists who are making a difference in their communities and in our culture. [more]

Nana shares her stories
Nearing the age of 70, Roberta Simpson embarked on what has become one of the greatest adventures of her life – writing. [more]

Entertainment reviews
A wintry mix of the good, the bad and the just OK. [more]

Authentic light motivated by love
AFA Journal editor
Last weekend I participated in a three-day Christian experience at which one of the speakers talked about holiness. The subject is too often avoided or purposely ignored, even among pastors, authors and teachers whose aim is to motivate and challenge us toward an exemplary faith in daily living. [more]

Hello, my name is Tim, and I’m a hypocrite
I was watching Larry King interview former President Bill Clinton the other night when King brought up the matter of
U.S. Sen. Larry Craig of Idaho. [more]