Nov/Dec 2008
War on God in U.S.
Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) and Rep. J. Randy Forbes (R-VA), have pushed for changes in exhibits at the Capitol Visitor Center to accurately reflect the religious heritage of America. [more]
Supporting the troops
Eric Horner toured for years with Lee Greenwood and once appeared on the stage with President George W. Bush. [more]
What the stats say about the Church in America
The litany of woes concerning Christianity in America is well-rehearsed. But how many of these woes are actually true? [more]
Ministries demonstrate the spirit of Christmas all year long [more]

AFA ends boycott of fast-food giant [more]

Campbell’s Soup, Target carry homosexual banner [more]

AFA gets high marks by charity evaluator [more]

School district sued for discrimination against Christian club [more]

University opens bathrooms to gender confused people [more]

Prof assigns paper: Trash Sarah Palin [more]

Courts dismiss lawsuit against ‘Expelled’ movie [more]

KFC chastises agency for misplaced ad [more]

NBC spews toilet vulgarity over breakfast [more]

Prayer, purchase shut doors of porn store [more]

Fox affiliates pick up Christian sports show [more]

Internet service makes donating to charities easy [more]

Mothers’ group offers family-friendlly film club [more]

California cities coddle illegal immigrants [more]

Florida family group challenges pro-gay ads [more]

Planned Parenthood investigated for fraud [more]

Post-abortive dads speak [more]

Veterans run to take back Congress [more]

Airlines agree to filter in-flight Web access [more]

Extreme Associates will stand trial on obscenity charges [more]

Judge orders city to let church meet [more]

Bishop believes Bible, is expelled by EPUSA [more]

Giving honor to those who gave their all
Snow falls gently upon the rows of marble tombstones in Arlington National Cemetery. There is a stark contrast as volunteers place lush, green wreaths with vibrant red bows by each white stone. The wreaths bring a sense of life and celebration to the cold, wintry landscape. [more]

Life after suicide
Deck the halls with boughs of holly … . It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Or is it? Every year news features report that the holidays also usher in an increase in the number of cases of major depression and suicide. However, according to many studies, including one from the Mayo Clinic, and according to psychiatrist, psychologist and theologian Dr. Frank Minirth, this is a myth.. [more]

Take two for filmmaker
Going from Hollywood to working with homeschoolers is not the career path most filmmakers take. In fact, George Escobar, filmmaker and founder of Advent Film Group (AFG), may be the first. [more]

Entertainment reviews [more]

Stealth lawsuits threaten children’s ministries
In a series of legal actions, child welfare systems in a number of states have been embroiled in lawsuits levied by an organization whose roots are in the American Civil Liberties Union. As an indirect result, some Christian residential care homes are no longer serving children referred by the state, while others have been forced to provide only shorter term, pathology-based services or close their doors. [more]

When Christians take a stand
By Tim Wildmon • President, AFA
I was reading a comment from television personality Bill Maher a few days ago. As usual, he was making a joke about Christians and the Christian faith. This guy is a professional mocker. And the sad thing is, this is a trend that seems to be growing in our culture. [more]

Despair is not for Christians
By Randall Murphree • AFA Journal editor,
In mid-September, the nation’s big financial institutions began to fall like dominos. Two weeks later, the Dow Jones Index plummeted 778 points in one day, the biggest single-day loss in history. On the home front, in our neighborhoods, mortgage loans were going into foreclosure at record levels, gasoline prices were skyrocketing, 401-K retirement funds were losing as much as 40%, and it seemed that no ordinary citizen would escape the flurry of fiscal failures. [more]