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Traditions that teach
Parents across this country long for the look on their children’s faces when they unwrap that toy they have dreamed about for the last month. [more]
Pastor, pundit, radio host Athanasius of Alexandria is not a name that likely would elicit a strong emotional response from most people. But then, Bryan Fischer is not like most people. [more]
Surveillance society – As a lark, British filmmaker David Bond wanted to see if he could disappear for 30 days, making himself invisible to the data collectors in his U.K. homeland. [more]
Plenty and poverty … face to face
A barefoot five-year-old wanders between idling cars at a busy New Delhi intersection. Her name is Gajara; it means “garland of flowers.” Streaked with dirt, her face is empty, emotionless. [more]

Wildmon honored for leadership, vision [more]

Richmond Christmas parade saved, Home Depot holds fast to gay support [more]

P&G, Walmart make third family friendly TV movie [more]

Illinois capitol to have Nativity for third year [more]

Tea Party coloring book leads to death threats [more]

School forced to oblige transgender 6th grader [more]

PTC challenges sponsors of profane CBS show [more]

Pro-marriage group holds video contest [more]

California lawmakers hope to repeal DOMA [more]

Pennsylvania allows cross-dressers to ID as desired gender [more]

 ‘In God We Trust’ on display in California city [more]

Bakery could be burnt by moral stance [more]

Texas court revokes homosexual divorce [more]

Florida lifts ban on homosexual adoption [more]

College students go BEARfoot for unborn [more]

Medical director speaks out against decision on stem cell research [more]

Billboard trucks call on media to tell the truth [more]

School finds friends in local church [more]

Alabama librarian sues over porn in workplace [more]

Grinding America Down [more]

Bringing family friendly Christian values to TV [more]

Christmas stories,
great and small
By Randall Murphree, AFA Journal editor
I enjoy novellas, especially Christmas stories. Having read scores of them over the past decade or so, I can say without reservation that in every regard – style, story, substance – The Golden Ring merits a place on the Christmas classics shelf right alongside A Christmas Carol, The Other Wise Man and more contemporary bestsellers such as Donna VanLiere’s The Christmas Shoes or Richard Paul Evans’ The Christmas Box. [more]

Christianity’s influence
on American: Did someone
say “self-evident?”

By Tim Wildmon, AFA president
On September 17, President Barack Obama spoke to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute’s 33rd Annual Award Gala. During his speech – reading from a teleprompter – he quoted from the Declaration of Independence. Here is what he said: [more]

Financial issues
By Dan Celia, host of Financial Issues on American Family Radio.
Q: Why are we likely to see inflation? And when could it start? [more]

Two new Christmas films make family friendly cut … others don’t [more]