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NYC Schools Allow Muslim Prayers

AFA Journal, February 2001 Edition

While Christians seem to have to scratch and claw to get any semblance of religious freedom in public schools, the New York City public school system has bent over backwards to allow Muslim school children the right to pray.

The New York Post reported that some of the city's schools gave freedoms to Islamic students during their holy month of Ramadan that Christians only dream about. One school in Brooklyn, the Post said, even allowed Muslim kids to be 15 minutes late for class after returning from praying--in a school auditorium that had been turned into a makeshift mosque. Prayer rooms were provided by other schools in New York City as well.

At Lafayette High School, Muslim student Umit Kulug, a senior, said school officials "let 100 of us boys and girls pray together in a big auditorium. Some of the non-Islamic students get a pass to watch us pray." As at other schools, Islamic students at Lafayette get a special pass that excuses their tardiness after prayer time.

"Where's all the squawking and lawsuits from liberals concerned with the ‘separation of church and state?'" asked AFA President Donald E. Wildmon. "I think the message is clear. What liberals are really after is separation of Christianity and state--not religion in general."

New York Post, 12/1/00