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 January 2001
Cover – AFA Attorneys to Defend College Student

Don Wildmon – This Is a Story About a Life-Saving Station, I Think
Why I can't be silent
I'll Settle For Simple Decency

Prof Says Don't Use "Emotionally Laden" Terms Like Pedophilia

Theater Owners Create Guidelines
Video Course Focuses On Christian Citizenship

Television Casts Poor Light On Fathers, Study Says
To Abstinent Teens, Parents and Religion Still Influential
Christian Families Deep In Debt
Divorced Moms, Kids Face Poverty
Paying the Price For Free Sex

Homosexual agenda
Colorado High Court OKs Two Legal "Mommies"
Judge: Boy May Attend School Wearing Girl's Clothing
Britain Forces Caribbean Territories To Accept Homosexuality
Dutch Legalize Same-Sex Marriage
Germany's Parliament Legalize Same-Sex Marriage
Lesbian Festival In Michigan Exposes Children To Homosexual Acts

Movie Gallery Refuses to Remove Porn
AFA of New Orleans Pushes for Ban On Access to Internet Sex Sites On Library Computers
Parent Education Key To Web Safety
Americans support school filters
Filtering Vs. "Censorship" In Libraries
God brings healing to sexually addicted men
Turning Things Right Side Up Down Under

Pro-life issues
Black Community Waking to Most Basic Civil Right
Who was Margaret Sanger?
Futile Care Poses Ethical Questions
Happy Birthday, Samuel!

Religion/Anti-Christian bias
Federal Court Rules Christless Holiday Show "Must Go On"