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Pro-Family Groups Plan Pornography Strategy

AFA Journal, May 2001 Edition

The second annual Impact America National Pro-Family Conference on pornography brought together representatives from many of the major pro-family organizations in the country, in an effort to train local elected officials, law enforcement, and community activists to combat obscenity, sexually-oriented businesses and material harmful to children.

Speakers from groups like AFA, American Decency Association, Citizens for Community Values, Concerned Women for America, Esther Ministries, Family Research Council, Focus on the Family, and Morality in Media addressed conference attendees at the March meeting in Dallas, Texas.

The Impact America gathering emphasized several critical issues facing pro-family groups battling the influence of pornography. One major focus was on potential strategies to restrict access to Internet porn in public facilities, such as libraries. Another focus was on efforts to regulate sexually-oriented businesses. Another key area was helping those who are trapped in the sex industry or who have developed sexual addictions.

"One of the unique aspects of this conference was that, for the first time, ministries that are solely dedicated to helping women leave the sex entertainment industry came together to discuss more effective ways to reach these victims," said David Miller, AFA National Field Director. "All of us are hopeful that the Lord will rescue these women from these oppressive circumstances, and set them free to live productive lives in Christ Jesus."

The conference was held at the Omni Hotel in Dallas, in itself a major statement about porn. Omni decided last year to remove all access to in-room pay-per-view pornography from its entire hotel chain.