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New AFA video highlights culture war fought in courtrooms

AFA Journal, July, 2002 edition

When most people think of Christian persecution, they remember images of the Roman Colosseum where believers faced lions and other wild beasts, or of Christians burning at the stake and being crucified.

In America, followers of Christ have not yet faced such ferocious persecution; however, the hostility is just as real. Christians in twenty-first century America are coming under increasing pressure either to conform to a postmodern worldview or exit the public arena.

Now a new video from AFA presents the compelling stories of Christians who stood for their faith and found themselves in court – with AFA attorneys by their side. Titled Facing Lions, this 30-minute video is gleaned from interviews with attorneys from the AFA Center for Law & Policy and the Christians they represented.

Facing Lions is an inspiring look at five legal battles, fought by believers over the issues of religious freedom, abortion, public education and the homosexual agenda. Many Christians may be shocked to discover the kinds of things that can happen in America today: pro-lifers forbidden to hand out gospel tracts to women intent on having abortions; a high school student told he cannot wear a T-shirt promoting God’s plan for human sexuality because it offends homosexuals; and Christian firemen forced to take a course that teaches Buddhism.

In watching Facing Lions, viewers will get a sense of our culture’s growing hostility toward Christ and those who dare to stand for Him in the public square; but viewers will also be inspired to see how God moves on behalf of such courageous believers.

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