AFA Journal

  January 2003 Issue


U.S. post offices to display national motto
A retired engineer in Texas is being credited with prompting the U.S. government to place copies of the national motto in every post office across the country.


Life: a miraculous gift
Even after six years, Ginger Millermon?s voice still choked with emotion as she told radio listeners nationwide of her infant son Jarrott?s struggle for life, and of the way God had used that struggle to teach Ginger and her husband, Joel, profound lessons in surrender and faith.


End of the Mainline?
They are called oldline or mainline Protestant denominations, and they represent some of the oldest ? and some of the most troubled ??churches in America. Outside their walls, evangelical Christians often question the commitment of some mainline denominations to Biblical truth; inside their walls, proponents of liberal theology and homosexual rights demand acquiescence.


The Building Called America
Once upon a time a group of people decided to build a new building. It would be an unusual building, the likes of which the world had never seen. They decided that they would call this new building America.


A Voice of Decency
An almost non-stop stream of complaints to his office about broadcast television and radio programs has led an FCC commissioner to call for that agency to change its definition of indecency.


Troubling content permeates many comic books
Like mushrooms in a backyard that has seen too much rain, the number of media outlets to which kids are gaining access seems to be multiplying exponentially on a daily basis. And just like mushrooms, it?s sometimes difficult to decide which ones are good for kids and which ones are downright poisonous.


The Gospel of Intolerance
For most believers, the words ?hateful Christian? are an oxymoron. Christians are to love, and neither their thoughts, words nor deeds are to reflect hate. Increasingly, however, Bible-believing Christians are being portrayed as hateful. In Newsweek, for example, Editor Fareed Zakaria denounced Christians in an article entitled, ?Time to Take On America?s Haters.?


Judicial appointments ?a life and death matter
I am so glad they lost. Liberals lost control of the United States Senate. What a delight. In the words of Jackie Gleason, ?How sweeeet it is.? These people, particularly Sen. Tom Daschle of South Dakota, had become insufferable? let?s see? insufferable?. What can I call them without calling them names? Someone help me here. Insufferable? sticks in the mud.


Broad Sweep of Significant Pro-Family
Reports include Christian Activism, Entertainment, Homosexual Agenda, Government,Pro-life Issues, Pornography and Religion