While the Ford Motor Company continues to argue that AFA’s boycott is having no effect on auto sales, the company sent out an e-mail pleading with dealers to ask customers for help.

Chairman Bill Ford sent the e-mail in June to Ford dealers, requesting that they “ask customers to support Ford.” The e-mail said customers “should stand by our company because of our innovative products, because for generations we’ve been a positive force in American society, and because our successful Ford and Lincoln Mercury have made their communities stronger.”

AFA began its boycott of Ford because of the company’s vigorous support of homosexual organizations that push a radical agenda, including the legalization of same-sex marriage. The automaker also advertises in gay political publications which frequently publish articles that insult Christians as bigots who preach “a gospel of hatred and discrimination.”

“This is a clear sign that Ford has chosen sides in the culture war,” said AFA Chairman Don Wildmon. “And they have sided with sexual radicals who hate Christianity.”

One homosexual organization supported by Ford is the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), which heavily influences media presentations of the homosexual lifestyle.

The Detroit automaker was a corporate sponsor of four GLAAD Media Awards ceremonies recently held in Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. The GLAAD events honor those in the news and entertainment industries who help promote the normalization of homosexuality.

GLAAD is a tireless advocate of the gay agenda, including same-sex marriage. The organization’s “I DO” Campaign, according to the GLAAD Web site, is meant to combat the “misleading, fear-based messages from the anti-gay right wing” on the subject of gay marriage.

“It’s difficult to believe Ford when the company claims it is not promoting same-sex marriage,” said Wildmon. “If Ford supports groups that promote same-sex marriage, and if Ford advertises in magazines that promote same-sex marriage, how can we assume that Ford doesn’t?”

Wildmon said people who want to get involved can go to www.boycottford.com, for a detailed examination of the case against the automaker and for suggested actions to take.

Above: Ford Motor Company sponsored several GLAAD Media Awards ceremonies, including this one in San Francisco in June. Pictured at the ceremony are GLAAD President Neil Giuliano (center) with transgender actor Calpernia Addams (right) and transgender activist Andrea James (left). A transgendered individual is one who dresses as or has surgically altered his/her body to mimic the opposite sex.  Photo by Arun Nevader/WireImage.com