June 2007
Big Oak Ranch
Nineteen-year-old John Croyle didn’t have a clue what he was in for when he went to be a counselor at King’s Arrow Ranch in South Mississippi in the early 1970s. “I found out what I was put on earth to do,” he says. [more]
Christian filmmakers
Their passion for filmmaking began when they were teenage boys brainstorming ideas for their own movies. [more]
AFA visits Hollywood
In mid-March, I received a phone call from my colleague at Grace Hill Media in California. [more]
Focus on youth culture
Nihilism’s children
Keeping faith from fraying

PTC finds TV ratings faulty [more]

Shell Oil changes policy to permit porn sales [more]

Christian movies are big at box office [more]

Disney to allow homosexual ‘weddings’ [more]

OMD says it is fed up with FX network [more]

Porn prominent among rural boys [more]

Pro-life leader tempers excitement over U.S. Supreme Court ruling [more]

Renting wombs is source of income [more]

Pro-life efforts paying dividends, researcher says [more]

Scholars back away from Jesus documentary [more]

Unchurched nearly a third of U.S. population [more]

Don’t drop Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
You have to give homosexual activists credit for one thing: They never give up. . [more]

Road map to persecution
Many Christians in the United Kingdom (U.K.) fear that new laws passed by Parliament, designed to protect homosexuals from discrimination, will soon be used to threaten the religious freedoms of those who refuse to accept that lifestyle. [more]


Children need dad to be hero
On Father’s Day, I’m always a little sad that I can’t go see Dad anymore. [more]

A silver lining in dark clouds of offensive comments
Observing the controversy over radio talk show host Don Imus and what happened with Rosie O’Donnell on The View television program, I got to thinking about what is acceptable or unacceptable public discourse in our country these days. [more]