March 2007
Can you trust movie ratings?
Does the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) exist to serve the viewing public of mainstream America or the entertainment industry? (more)
After ‘I do’
… statistics confirm that society sees the joining of a man and woman as a futile institution likely to wilt faster than the bride’s bouquet.
Land of promises
“I’m in Jerusalem,” I whispered aloud in my hotel room, and the very thought of being in the Biblical city gave me chills. (more)

Ford dumps ‘Dirt’ on culture [more]

Gay activist targets AFA video [more]

‘Silent Witness Week’ participato encouraged [more]

AFA attorneys secure free speech rights for Christian newspaper [more]

Faith-based after-school programs for kids [more]

Family entertainment comes to DVD [more]

State legislature may prohibit spanking [more]

Scientists find ‘cure’ for homosexuality? [more]

Young Norwegian women choose abortion [more]

Pro-life group succeeds with boycotts [more]

Conservatives give more, care more [more]

Barna: House churches grow in popularity [more]

City zoning laws threatening churches [more]

Parents angry at public schools’ pro-gay practices
When it comes to the issue of homosexuality in public schools, the clash between the religious and moral beliefs of parents and the determination of pro-gay teachers and administrators is all over the map. [more]

Blurring the message
How does one go about changing a culture? How does a society alter its course or, if it is stagnant, shake itself out of its lethargy and begin a new journey? [more]

Book reviews
Islam Rising by Dr. Jim Murk
Reviving Your Romance by Terry and Barbi Franklin
Your Mondy Map by Howard Dayton [more]

Movie review
The Ultimate Gifta worthy movie, but not the gospel. [more]

Without Christian ideals, democracy dies
by DON WILDMON, AFA Journal founder

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