AFA Action voter guide

Americans will go to the polls on Tuesday, November 6, to vote for national, state and local leaders. With the importance of the 2012 election in mind, AFA Action, the legislative arm of American Family Association, has partnered with Heritage Alliance to develop the AFA Action Voter Guide covering federal candidates in all 50 states and state candidates in 12 states.

“The voter guide at is the most distinctive and comprehensive presentation of information on candidates available at one location for values voters,” AFA Action vice president Buddy Smith said. “A voter can visit the website, type in his address and find names of candidates and information that will assist the voter in determining who will best represent Christian values if elected to public office.”

The guide was developed by a group of panelists selected for their conservative credentials and belief in constitutional government, free enterprise, strong national defense and traditional Judeo-Christian values such as the sanctity of life and marriage. After evaluating the data, panelists assigned a grade indicating what kind of voting record that candidate, if elected, would likely receive from a multi-issue conservative organization that grades on economic and social issues. The source data is provided so voters can more easily make their own evaluation.

AFA Action’s unique voter guide has several features:
▶ Economic/social conservative grades (A to F) on candidates
▶ Vote ratings of federal legislators from conservative and liberal organizations
▶ Donations of significance made by the candidates and to the candidates
▶ Endorsements of candidates by conservative and liberal organizations
▶ Surveys of candidates on issues, role of government, backgrounds and beliefs., evaluate the candidates and share this valuable tool with your family, friends and church members. Then vote your values. All social networking tools for sharing are available, including free Apps for Smartphone and iPad. The voter guide is not available in print.Nativity displays legal

Want to display a Nativity scene on your city, town or village public property? You have a right to do so. For more information go to

Alliance Defending Freedom (formerly Alliance Defense Fund) is available to advise citizens on this issue as well. Contact: www. or 480-444-0020.


Nativity displays legal

Want to display a Nativity scene on your city, town or village public property? You have a right to do so. For more information go to
Alliance Defending Freedom (formerly Alliance Defense Fund) is available to advise citizens on this issue as well. Contact: www. or 480-444-0020.


Christian Heritage Week in WV

West Virginia Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin has signed a proclamation observing Thanksgiving week as Christian Heritage Week in the Mountain State. It is the 21st consecutive year the state’s governor has made the observation a state event. Christian Heritage Week has been promoted nationally by West Virginian Bruce Barilla.

“Bruce is a true patriot,” said AFA president Tim Wildmon. “We appreciate the decades he has given to promoting our nation’s Christian heritage.” Barilla said it’s not too late for mayors or governors to issue a proclamation for CHW. It doesn’t necessarily have to be Thanksgiving week. For more information visit


The hurt could continue

The Congressional Budget Office predicts that if expected federal tax and spending policies, such as the December 31 expiration of the Bush-era tax cuts, are enacted at the beginning of next year, unemployment will rise to 9.1% by the fourth quarter of 2013.

In July, the unemployment rate had crept up from 8.2% to 8.3%, an increase of 45,000 newly unemployed actively seeking employment. However, the number employed dropped from 142,415,000 to 142,220,000 between June and July, meaning the real job loss was 195,000.
Overall, 4.4 million people reported being permanently out of work, with 93% citing job shortage or being laid off because of a poor economy.
Also an unemployment rate of 12.7% among young adults means 43% of those under 25 continue to live with parents. Statistics are highest in urban areas., 8/3/12, 9/6/12;, 8/1/12;, 8/8/12

TV nudity up 6,300% over last year

Parents Television Council studies all content on television. In a recent report, PTC said that on broadcast television (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and CW) there was 1 incident of blurred or pixilated full-frontal nudity during  2010-2011, while there were 64 such scenes in 2011-2012.

Melissa Hanson, director of communications for PTC, said, “For years, executives at the broadcast networks have been telegraphing their intent to follow in the footsteps of premium cable networks like HBO, Cinemax and Showtime, and as this data shows, they are doing exactly that.”

Dr. Nancy Irwin, a therapist based in Los Angeles, California, said, “Simulated or blurred nudity can be just as titillating as real nudity in the human brain. Upon any stimulus, the brain searches for anything remotely similar or familiar and acts in a similar manner. If something is missing — as in pixilation — the brain will fill in the blanks from the existing storehouse of knowledge. Indeed, it will work harder to do so than if the real image were there. This explains why fantasy is many times better than reality. It triggers our imagination, which is endless.”, 8/23/12

More abortion risks revealed

A study recently covered by the New York Times indicates that abortion significantly increases the risk of preterm births in future pregnancies. The study examined the abortion history of 300,858 first-time mothers in Finland between 1996 and 2008. The risk for very preterm birth of 28 weeks or less increased 19% after one abortion, 69% after two and 278% after three. The researchers suggest these statistics could be related to infections that can occur from abortion.

A second survey of 600,000 Scottish women from 1981 to 2007, conducted by University of Aberdeen, also found that abortion during a first pregnancy produced a 37% higher chance of premature birth in subsequent pregnancies.

A third study by the Elliot Institute examined records from 1980 to 2004 of half a million Danish women, finding that women who had abortions were twice as likely to die during the 10 years following an abortion. Researchers pointed out that this disproves the claim that abortion is 14 times safer for women than childbirth., 09/03/12;, 09/04/12;, 9/10/12


Data on giving linked to perceived role of government

The Chronicle of Philanthropy, a resource for nonprofits, recently reported that where religious participation is higher, giving to charities is higher. The five most generous states are Utah, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee and South Carolina. The least generous are New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Mark Tooley, president of the Institute on Religion and Democracy, said, “The results, of course, would not be surprising in that religious people have more of an incentive and a basis for charitable giving than do the more secular. And other studies have certainly confirmed this finding. The explanation could include that those who are more secular or more liberal look toward the government to provide essential services for those in need, whereas those who are more conservative and/or more religious understand the importance of the church and of private charity in meeting human needs.”

However, charitable giving has been adversely affected by economic woes as 46% of Christians reduced donations to non-profits, according to Barna Research. Thirty-three percent say they have reduced donations to churches, and 6% have stopped giving to churches entirely., 7/28/12;, 8/21/12

Pot makes you dumb … like duh

According to data taken from over 1,000 people in New Zealand since 1972, the use of marijuana by teens permanently lowers IQ levels. Those participating in the study were asked about cannabis use at ages 18, 21, 26, 32 and 38. Their IQ was tested at 13 and 38, and they nominated close friends or family members to observe memory and attention problems. Persistent users – using the drug at least four times a week during at least three of the ages between 18 and 38 – showed an eight point drop in IQ, moving them from the 50th to the 71st percentile. In addition, those who began using marijuana in their teens did not fully recover their former IQ level after they stopped using the drug, suggesting that adolescent brains are extremely vulnerable to the damaging effects of marijuana., 7/27/12


Mennonite pastor convicted for helping ex-lesbian

Kenneth Miller, a Mennonite pastor in Virginia, was convicted of aiding and abetting in a kidnapping after helping Lisa Miller (no relation) flee to Canada with her daughter, Isabella. Miller sought to separate her daughter from former lesbian partner Janet Jenkins, who received visitation rights after Miller dissolved their civil union and renounced the homosexual lifestyle.

Miller testified her daughter had shown emotional trauma after visits with Jenkins. Lisa Miller attempted to gain exclusive custody and refuse visitation rights to Jenkins, but Justice Richard Cohen granted Jenkins full custody in 2009.

Kenneth Miller said that Lisa and Isabella Miller came to the Mennonite community seeking assistance. Eventually they found refuge in Nicaragua. On federal criminal charges, Kenneth Miller could face up to three years in federal prison., 8/15/12


Philly lunch lady in trouble

Angela Prattis faced up to $600 a day in fines unless she stopped feeding poor children in her neighborhood or paid a $1,000 application fee for a zoning ordinance. Prattis was feeding up to 60 children a day in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Department of Education, which funded the program, and the archdiocese of Philadelphia, which delivered lunches to Angela’s Philadelphia home. According to Chester Township, Prattis violated a zoning ordinance because she operates in a residential area. The township later dismissed the fines, but Prattis also requested they drop the requirement for the zoning ordinance application., 8/15/12;, 8/21/12


School resists atheist challenge

Freedom From Religion Foundation is demanding that Ridgeland High School in Georgia stop allowing its players to eat at churches before football games. The Wisconsin-based atheist group also accused Coach Mark Mariakis of taking athletes to churches where a Christian message was preached, leading postgame prayers and pressuring players to attend a Christian football camp.
But Damon Raines, superintendent of the Walker County School system said the churches, players and coaches did nothing wrong and believes Mariakis is only using motivational speeches to encourage the athletes to display upstanding character on and off the field., 8/27/12


School district sued for teaching abstinence

ACLU, Gay-Straight Alliance Network and American Academy of Pediatrics sued California’s Clovis Unified School District on August 21 for teaching from an abstinence only curriculum. The lawsuit asserts that the district is violating state law by using the curriculum, but Clovis officials point out the California education law encourages abstinence. Finn Larsen of the Christian Educators Association International said, “I have yet to find that encouraging use of condoms cuts down promiscuity or even unwanted pregnancies and STDs.”, 8/27/12


Taxpayers will get bill for sex change surgery

University of California-Berkley students can now receive a $75,000 sex change surgery, at the university’s expense. According to the college’s Health Insurance Plan Benefits Booklet, “The publicly funded university will provide up to 90% of the controversial procedure, which comes to about $75,000.” The college also pays for related travel costs, hormone therapy and 90% of the cost for abortions. Berkley students are automatically enrolled in the college’s healthcare plan and must request a waiver to be exempted.

In Massachusetts, the state prison system will pay for a sex change operation for Robert “Michelle” Kosilek, who is serving a life sentence for murdering his wife. Kosilek sued, demanding the operation as a medical necessity. U.S. District Judge Mark Wolf has ruled that the operation must be provided at the state’s expense., 8/28/12;, 9/52/1


Study: Movie sex encourages real-life sex

Kids who are exposed to sexual content in movies are more likely to experiment with sex at an earlier age, have more casual sex, and have more “unsafe sex” than those who aren’t exposed.

The less-than-shocking results come from a study of kids ages 12-14, conducted by researchers at Dartmouth University, according to a Fox News article.

However, parents who only try to keep their children from watching R-rated movies shouldn’t believe that effort makes their kids immune to the effects of sexed-up films. The psychologists in charge of the study said the effect on children was also caused by G, PG and PG-13 films that contain sexual situations.

The study said that 68% of movies rated G, 82% of those rated PG, and 85% of PG-13 movies had sexual content.

Researchers defined sexual content as anything from steamy kissing scenes to actual intercourse., 8/7/12


Washington DC police deem FRC shooting not ‘hate crime’

Floyd Corkins II shouted, “I don't like your politics” and opened fire inside Family Research Council headquarters in Washington, D.C., where Leo Johnson was wounded in disarming the homosexual activist. Like many states, Washington, D.C., has a law against “hate crimes.” However, officials refused to charge the shooting as a hate crime, even after Andrea Lafferty of Traditional Values Coalition reported that FBI agents told her Corkins had planned to attack Traditional Values next.

Maggie Gallagher of National Organization for Marriage said anti-Christian attacks are typically ignored, such as when she received a package of human waste and used condoms and “the police LGBT hate crimes division…told the cops not to investigate it as a hate crime.”

A related study conducted by FRC and Liberty Institute found more than 600 incidents of hostility toward religion in America. Most of these incidents happened over the past 10 years. Stories spanned from apartment complex managers being fired because of a Christian painting in their office to a high school student informed she could not wear a Christian T-shirt on campus.

Justin Butterfield, attorney for Liberty Institute, said, “We want to raise awareness of the issue. People think that hostility because of people’s religious beliefs and attacks on religious liberty are things that happen elsewhere in the world, not in the United States. We just want to show that it actually happens with increasing and alarming regularity here in the United States.”, 8/28/12;, 8/17/12


Restored Hope for homosexuals

Once a key figure in Exodus International, Frank Worthen is breaking ground for a new ministry called Restored Hope Network. Restored Hope was founded after Exodus International abandoned its former message to homosexuals that “change is possible.” Once intended to help people escape the homosexual lifestyle, Exodus International has amended its beliefs. Exodus chief Alan Chambers recently suggested that the homosexual lifestyle is no hindrance to a relationship with Jesus Christ and that change isn’t necessary. Restored Hope intends to fill the deficit of Exodus International and come alongside individuals who are looking for real help and hope in overcoming same sex attraction through Christ.

“I am feeling inexpressible joy that the Lord has brought together a group of people who will not allow the message of hope and change to die in a sea of misguided social/cultural relevance,” Worthen said., 8/29/12


Science standards emphasize evolution, climate change

A new national curriculum standard currently being developed will emphasize Darwinism and climate change for elementary and high school science classes. The “Next Generation Science Standards” include discussion of “how human activities significantly impact the geosphere, the hydrosphere, the atmosphere, the biosphere and global temperatures” and the effect of “increases in human population” among other topics., 08/10/12