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AFA JournalAmerican history learning tool
The Foundations of American History Strip is a full color, multi-layered time line of the early days of the American Republic. Illustrations depict historic events such as the Boston Massacre and Washington crossing the Delaware, as well as small portraits of key figures. The painful parts of our past are not neglected, with emphasis on slavery and abolition. Illustrations are accompanied by a thumb-nail text about the person or the event.

Peter A. Robyn created the strip, which would be a useful addition to any study space – classroom, home school or even Sunday school.

Available at or 843-420-1956.          
Review by Paul Bass

New film examines welfare state CAUTION
Runaway Slave reveals the pitfalls of the modern welfare state and the danger of too great a dependency on government. Rev. C.L. Bryant, a former NAACP chapter president, interviews prominent black conservatives. The verdict is that the government has become “the new plantation,” cultivating a mindset of government entitlement that leaves people with few rights. The film also calls for moral and spiritual transformation.

It contains a few instances of offensive language: an obscenity on a sign is pixilated, an angry demonstrator says “hell” and the government is described as a “pimp.” Shirtless, pant-sagging, boxer-baring young males are seen, as well as angry, protesting mobs.
The DVD is available at
Review by Stacy Long

AFA Journal Operation Christmas ChildOCC adds discipleship to shoe box gifts
The Greatest Journey is a 12-lesson program designed to help children know Jesus Christ and  follow Him daily. It is distributed by Operation Christmas Child to many of the children who receive an OCC shoe box gift.

This Bible story format is written to appeal to children in the developing world from various cultural backgrounds with no background or context for understanding the Christian faith. It will be used in Sunday school ministries of local churches, after-school clubs and classrooms. Training is provided for teachers, and a leader’s guide is provided for all instructors containing suggestions for an engaging lesson plan.
Review by Buddy Smith