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February 2014

CULTURE: Military chaplains in crucible – Christian chaplains are facing more frequent obstacles and tougher challenges as they try to serve faithfully in a military increasingly riddled with sexual license and chaos. [more]
EDUCATION: New standards weaken science – In this revealing analysis, a science scholar shows how New Generation Science Standards weaken scholarship by preaching Darwinism and ignoring Creationism. [more]

POVERTY: Helping without hurting – Discover principles and practices that serve those in poverty by giving them tools to lift themselves out of current situations, not with short-term hand-outs but with real help. [more]

Part 2 of 3, this piece advocates biblical principles that call believers to see why it is imperative that they actively challenge a secular culture to consider the truths of Scripture. [more]

Issues@hand Commentary

Radio Shack boycott hits mark [more]

1MM chalks up two more victories [more]

Sandy Rios named to new AFA post [more]

The good life … a snapshot [more]

4 reasons people refuse church [more]

Ancient Christian documents made available online [more]

Library officials return God to sign [more]

Marriage happens later all around the world [more]

Natural disaster draws human traffickers [more]

U.S. ranks 19th in least corrupt government [more]

Suicidal thoughts increase after casual sex [more]

2013 Congress least productive in American history [more]

Religious influence on those influencing conservatives [more]

Speaking about creation not permitted [more]

Worshipers fact check sermons [more]

Oklahoma governor stands by state’s wishes [more]


AFA: Trust – a strong foundation Satisfied clients demonstrate how AFA Foundation takes great care to earn the trust of those who call for counsel or attend our Faith, Family and Finance town hall meetings. [more]

MINISTRY: From tragedy to hope Music artist Danny Gokey despaired after the death of his young wife, then rediscovered hope and founded a ministry to serve the homeless and help them get back on their feet. [more]

REVIEW: Rethinking poverty This review delves into Poverty Cure, six DVD lessons (30 minutes each) that consider the global problem of poverty and how all segments of society must act for a cure. [more]

REVIEWS God’s Not Dead film
tackles campus atheism-faith debate. [more]

When the fight comes to you
By Tim Wildmon, AFA president
There is a difference between going looking for a fight and having a fight come to you. It was that way with the colonists who decided to break away from the king of England in the 1700s. Those soon to be Americans – the men and women who founded our country – decided they had had enough abuse from the king, and so they made their grievances public with the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, and the war for America began.. [more]

Financial issues
By Dan Celia, host of Financial Issues
on American Family Radio.
Q: I am thinking about putting my 401K that I have rolled over into an IRA into a trust so my children will not have to pay the tax. Is this a good idea? [more]

Why profanity is wrong
By Alex McFarland, author, founder of Truth For A New Generation and host of Exploring the Word on American Family Talk Radio.
Magic Mountain, an amusement park in Southern California, is known for a roller coaster named X. Coincidentally, I was there to speak at a youth event when I overheard an X-rated conversation between some teens who were part of a church youth group. Later that day, the conversation prompted me to address the issue from the stage. I asked, “How many of you struggle with using bad language?” Many hands went up. I followed up with questions we’ve all probably considered at some point: Is it wrong for a Christian to use curse words? If so, why? And what makes profanity, well, profane?[more]

Benefits of church fellowship come in the long term
By Nicholas Dean
In a culture that encourages shallow encounters and fleeting romances, relationships too often do not reflect any modicum of commitment. But personal relationships are not the only relationships falling short. Church involvement and relationships with fellow believers often follow this same model of surface level encounters and short-term participation [more]