June 2012

  • Ed Vitagliano
    Sin that burns us all
    Here are five areas in which private sin impacts all of society.
  • Teddy James
    Dear Karis,
    Staff writer Teddy James pens emotional promises to his first child, a daughter, just days before her birth on April 10.
  • Rebecca Davis
    Memphis-based ministry becoming hub of discipleship
  • Teddy James
    One generation, two currents
    While the darkness seems to grow darker, glimpses of God’s light shine brightly among young adults.
  • Stacy Long
    The Lord builds
    One lady thought it was a short term mission trip to North Dakota’s Cheyenne River Indian Reservation. In 2009, she moved there to build and run a school.
  • Tim Wildmon
    Waiting with bated breath
    A response to “don’t judge me” A recent Gallup poll found an astounding 72% of Americans believe the fundamental glue to the president’s health care reform – the individual mandate – is unconstitutional.
  • AFA Staff
    Reviews: family entertainment, documentaries, resources, books, music
    Flicka 3, Forever Strong, What If Your Blessings Come Through Raindrops?, Decision, From One Father to Another, Family