March 2012

  • Rebecca Davis
    Filmmakers for life
    AFA-backed October Baby hits theaters March 23
  • Ed Vitagliano
    Two sons, one nation
    Whether a culture is conservative, liberal, or swinging somewhere in between, Christians are called to be salt and light.
  • Teddy James
    OMM unites mothers to impact entertainment
    Mothers across the nation are joining their voices with One Million Moms. Director Monica Cole speaks about the latest victories and new opportunities for mothers.
  • Randall Murphree
    Vows become more than words
    Music can minister to us in all seasons of life. In his new Dignity project, Steve Siler uses music to encourage caregivers and the loved ones they serve.
  • Teddy James
    U.S. failing to protect children from sex trafficking
    Shared Hope International has released report cards for each state on how it handles domestic minor sex trafficking. Sadly, over half have failing grades.
  • Tim Wildmon
    Democracy needs Christianity
    “The Americans show, by their practice, that they feel the high necessity of imparting morality to democratic communities by means of religion.” Alexis de Tocqueville, 1840
  • AFA Staff
    Reviews: family entertainment, documentaries, resources, books, music
    Apostle Peter and the Last Supper, Me Again, Approaching Fire, More Than A Hobby, Discipleship in the Home
  • Teddy James
    CPR for marriages
    Bert Harper recently joined AFA to lead marriage conferences across the country. “CPR for Marriage” is seeing strong marriages strengthened and troubled marriages hopeful