December 2013

  • Glorious humility
    In this book excerpt, author Mike Nappa strikes a stirring chord with his creative paraphrase of the manger scene and his analytical look at Jesus’s glory and humility.
  • Nicholas H. Dean
    Behind a mask of nonpartisanship...AARP leans far left
    Despite claims of no bias, senior citizens group advocates for liberal causes
  • Randall Murphree
    The gift and the glory
    Coming from a post-Depression childhood, Earnestine Robinson was stunned when God prodded her into writing complex musical compositions for the international stage.
  • Teddy James
    The world on our doorstep
    They come to Clarkston, Georgia, from Nepal, Iraq, Sudan, Malaysia, Congo and many other countries, seeking refuge from poverty, oppression and war. Some find a freedom greater than they could imagine.
  • Ed Vitagliano
    Happy, healthy, holy
    Studies show the benefits of marriage are great.
  • Tim Wildmon
    Coming to America
    I never tire of seeing our nation’s capital and hearing the stories of our Founding Fathers and the history of our country.
  • AFA Staff
    Reviews: family entertainment, documentaries, resources, books, music
    Lucado’s ‘Christmas Candle’ coming to big screen
  • Randall Murphree
    Hey, when's a goat more than just a goat?
    This Christmas, AFA and Gospel for Asia again partner to give gifts to the needy in Asia where a goat or a water buffalo or a sewing machine can change a family’s life.
  • Rebecca Davis
    Crook to Christ
    Her story reads like fiction, but her story of redemption is real.
  • Mike McManus
    How to pass a marriage amendment
    Since 37 states have passed constitutional amendments or laws supporting traditional marriage, it really is possible for 34 states to call for the convention.