AFA asks General Motors to pull ads from ABC
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November-December 1993 – American Family Association has asked General Motors to pull their advertising from ABC after the network began their new program NYPD Blue featuring soft-core pornography.

Based on the last two monitoring periods, AFA discovered that General Motors is the largest advertiser on ABC. “The millions of dollars which General Motors provides ABC helps the network continue their assault on the family with programs such as NYPD Blue,” said AFA president Donald E. Wildmon.

On October 20, Wildmon wrote GM chairman John Smale, “I’m asking that General Motors take a stand for the family, assume corporate responsibility, and withdraw your advertising from ABC. Failure to do this will indicate that General Motors is in agreement with ABC’s attack on the family.” When the Journal went to press on October 28, GM had not responded to the request.

Wildmon said it is time to hold companies responsible for their spending of advertising dollars. “Since ABC is losing advertising income on NYPD Blue (because the time has to be sold dirt cheap), they must rely on money from advertisers on all other programs to cover the losses,” Wildmon said.

“General Motors was among the top sponsors of violence, sex and profanity during AFA’s last monitoring period,” Wildmon said. “We are aware that General Motors has not sponsored NYPD Blue. We are asking that they show concern for the families and children of America by pulling their millions of ad dollars from ABC. Such action will not only show General Motors cares about our families, but will be a very responsible corporate action which other companies would likely follow,” he said.

He said that AFA had not yet asked for any economic sanctions against General Motors. “It is only fair that we give the company time to consider our request,” he stated. Wildmon wrote Smale that he was willing to meet and discuss the situation if General Motors desires.

AFA supporters are also urged to contact local General Motors dealers and ask them to request that General Motors pull advertising from ABC. General Motors makes Chevrolet, Pontiac, Buick, Oldsmobile and Cadillac cars and GMC trucks. Also, supporters can write Chrm. John Smale, General Motors Corporation, 3044 W. Grand Blvd., Detroit, MI 48202. If you desire to call, we suggest you call Chrm. Smale person-to-person to make sure you get to speak with him. The number is 313-556-5000. Sometimes Chrm. Smale operates from Cincinnati and sometimes from Detroit. He is a past chairman of Procter and Gamble.

In addition, AFA began encouraging local churches and individuals to begin efforts to get local advertisers to stop advertising on ABC affiliates which carry NYPD Blue.

When the program began, 61 ABC affiliates refused to show the program. A small number of affiliates have since started showing the program, with about 50 still refusing to show it.

Local advertisers have stopped advertising on ABC affiliates in Memphis, Birmingham, Oklahoma City, Knoxville, St. Louis and other cities across the country. “I strongly encourage individuals to begin calling and writing local businesses which advertise on affiliates carrying NYPD Blue. It is clear that those ABC affiliates have no concern for our families and children,” Wildmon said.  undefined