Boycott growing as Kmart earnings drop for fifth straight quarter

June 1994 –The boycott of Kmart by American Family Association continues to have a negative effect on the company. Kmart recently reported that their earnings for fiscal first quarter (1994) are expected to fall “well below” the year-ago period’s 12 cents a share. It was the fifth quarter in a row of lower earnings. AFA has been promoting a boycott of Kmart since 1990 and says the effects of the boycott are now beginning to show.

“One of the factors in the economic slump of Kmart has been the boycott of the company by American Family Association,” said Donald E. Wildmon, AFA president. “In 1990 we asked Kmart chairman Joseph Antonini to pull the pornography from their Waldenbooks stores. Mr. Antonini arrogantly refused and has refused many requests since then.”

When AFA began their boycott of Kmart, the company was the number two retailer in the country and was announcing they were going to be number one. Now they find themselves in serious trouble. Their stock has hit a new 52-week low, their investment ratings have been lowered, they have sold off parts of the company and want to sell off other parts. Antonini has publicly said that he expects things to get better later this year and into 1995.

Wildmon said that the AFA boycott has gone largely unreported in the mainstream media. AFA has promoted the boycott to their 1.8 million supporters, mailed three million boycott packets, promoted the boycott to more than 170,000 churches and church leaders, and distributed nearly 20,000,000 boycott cards.

“The boycott is working,” Wildmon said. “Kmart has blamed the weather, competition and other factors. While the AFA boycott is not the only reason for Kmart’s problems, it is a major factor. Now is the time to call Kmart and tell them you are supporting the boycott. The number is 1-800-63-KMART. Be sure to be polite.”

He added that as long as Antonini refuses to get Kmart out of the pornography business, he doubts that the company’s financial fortunes would turn around.

Kmart is one of the leading retailers of pornography in America. The pornography is sold in Waldenbooks and Borders book stores, owned by Kmart. Antonini can order Waldenbooks to get out of the pornography business at any time. All profits from the sale of pornography go to Kmart.

In a related incident, AFA has learned from Congressman Frank Wolf of Virginia that Kmart is purchasing goods from two Chinese companies with direct ties to the People’s Liberation Army of China. “Our concern is that many of your customers are unknowingly lining the coffers of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army – the same military that brutally gunned down hundreds of peaceful demonstrators in Tiananmen Square during 1989,” Congressman Wolf wrote to Antonini.

“It is no surprise that a company which is one of the largest retailers of pornography in America would also do business with companies with direct ties to the People’s Liberation Army. It is a company in need of new leadership with morals,” Wildmon said.

AFA urges individuals to call their local Kmart stores and tell the manager they are boycotting Kmart.

AFA only has about 400,000 “Boycott Kmart” cards remaining from an initial order of 20,000,000. All the others have been distributed. The cards contain information about Kmart’s involvement in pornography and a postcard to mail to Kmart. They are available from AFA for $1 per hundred and can be distributed to friends, family and church members. Order from Kmart Boycott Cards, P.O. Drawer 2440, Tupelo, MS 38803.

Also write Chrm. Joseph Antonini, Kmart Corporation, 3100 West Big Beaver Road, Troy, MI 48084, phone 1-800-63-KMART. Kmart owns Waldenbooks, Borders Book Stores, American Fare Stores, Brentanos Bookstores, Biz-Mart Stores, OfficeMax, Bargain Harold’s, Builders Square home supply stores, and Sports Authority stores.  undefined