AFA monitoring reveals trashy talk show sponsors
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January 1996 – Early monitoring by AFA of trash TV talk shows indicates that Hasbro, Warner-Lambert, Procter & Gamble and American Home Products are among the top sponsors.

AFA has begun an effort to get the trash TV talk shows to clean up their act or get off the air. Supporters are asked to monitor the shows in their area and send a list of the topics and sponsors to AFA. AFA president Donald E. Wildmon suggested that an individual take one program and monitor it on a regular basis and send a list of the sponsors and a summary of the content to AFA.

“Many of these programs are pure trash,” Wildmon said. A sampling of the program topics produced the following: Women chasing married men; Family members exposing family secrets; Repentant cheating lovers; Women in love with a serial killer; People obsessed with ex-lovers; Baby-sitter accused of killing two children; Why did you betray me?; I’m marrying a 14-year-old; Fathers who think they’re studs; Virgins who are choosing their first sex partners (including a homosexual couple); Teen criminals and the parents who encourage them; Teens who have sex for status; I have the hots for a former Jenny Jones case; My mom dresses like a tramp; Desperate to get sexy pictures back from ex; Men who want their wives to look sexy again; Ricki’s search for America’s sexiest triplets; Let me do a love scene with my favorite soap hunk; Mom, I’m a teen prostitute; My daughter’s in love with a 76-year-old.

AFA will report the sponsors of the programs.