On being tolerant
Don Wildmon
Don Wildmon
AFA/AFR founder

March 1996 – One of the things I have learned in nearly 20 years in this ministry is that many of those who speak of being tolerant are the most intolerant people you will ever meet.

Wyatt Roberts, the state director of the Texas AFA affiliate, recently received a letter which illustrates this. I want to share it with you. It is from Dr. Don Sinclair, pastor of Bering Memorial United Methodist Church in Houston, Texas. To show his tolerance, Dr. Sinclair, on his church letterhead, has taken the cross and flame insignia of the United Methodist Church and interwoven it with the triangle symbol of the homosexual movement.

Wyatt has made an effort to get advertisers to stop funding The Texas Triangle, a newspaper advocating the homosexual lifestyle, which is distributed in Texas.

Here is what Dr. Sinclair wrote to Wyatt:

“I have been reading about your persecution of The Texas Triangle newspaper and your efforts to hurt those who purchase advertising space in the newspaper.

“Your kind of doctrinal religion has always been the curse of the earth. It has been my experience that persons like you have no interest in God or the Bible except to pervert both into something hateful and indecent. Your kind declared Galileo a heretic when he declared the sun is the center of the universe and does not rise and set as it seems, because they were afraid of the new ‘truth’ such science brought to us.“Homosexual persons are created by God just as we heterosexuals are and are loved equally. Their sexual orientation is given just like your (sic) was, and is entirely natural to them. Our churches have used the Bible to cause people to be afraid of homosexuality (Homophobia) and to hunt them down for sport and even to kill in the resulting ‘gay bashing’ that follows. The strangest thing is that all this condemnation is false and based upon assumptions about the scripture and God that are hateful, evil, and dangerous – just like Galileo’s condemnation. I am glad that our citizens will finally figure out who the ‘wolves’ really are and treat you like the hateful zealots you are.

“Your ancestors left Europe to get away from the kinds of persecutions you now carry on against others who are different from yourself. It is such a shameful thing you are doing. I’m just sorry you drag God and Christ into such silly and false activities.

“Very sincerely, Don Sinclair.”

There are a lot of things I could say about the letter. But why? It speaks for itself.  undefined