Why American families should boycott Disney
Tim Wildmon
Tim Wildmon
AFA president

June 1997 – “Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and Chevrolet,” went the popular automobile advertisement in the 1970s and 80s. Say any of these words and most Americans have good feeling about each. Yes, some things are, indeed, as the cliche’ goes – as American as apple pie. Without a doubt, the name Walt Disney would fall into that category. In fact, there are very few names more identifiable around the world than the name Disney.

For decades Disney was a name America’s families could trust. Disney meant quality entertainment with the sex, violence, and profanity. But more than anything else, Disney meant children. Sadly, “the times, they are a changin’”

Inside this document you will find example after example of how the Disney company has gone from trusted friend to hostile foe of those who hold to the same ideals and values that this – the world’s most powerful entertainment giant – once represented. Disney’s attack on America’s families has become so blatant, so intentional, so obvious, that American Family Association has called for a Boycott of all Disney products until such time as Disney ceases this assault.

“Boycott Disney?” a lot of people ask. “But they are about the only company doing anything good with movies and entertainment.” Yes, the Disney company still does produce some quality, family-friendly movies. Certainly, the Disney theme parks are known world-wide as places where families can enjoy themselves. However, make no mistake about it: When dad pays $25 dollars to take the family to see Hunchback of Notre Dame, he is also paying for the celebration of homosexuality through such things as Disney/ABC’s Ellen television show. In fact, Disney is one of the leading promoters of the homosexual lifestyle, as well as the homosexual political and social agenda in America today.

The Bible is clear on the matter of homosexuality. It is a sin. Romans 1 cals acts of lesbianism and homosexuality “degrading passions,” “unnatural,” and from a “depraved mind.” The social consequences of calling this behavior anything but what God calls it, are staggering. For example, AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases are rampant among homosexuals.

Disney has a clear agenda. This promotion of immorality is not just a mistake, an oversight, or the actions of a huge company that can’t keep up with itself. The evidence shows that this is a firmly held philosophy that has evolved into a mission with a calculated strategy.

Disney Chairman of the Board Michael Eisner also sits on the board of Hollywood Supports, on e of the homosexual movement’s most influential and aggressive advocacy organizations.

What is most insidious about today’s Disney is that they are living off the reputation of the past. Disney is making millions of dollars off their family fare and then sinking it into movies, television programs, and printed material that assails the very values of those same families. Disney hopes decent minded Americans never make this connection. AFA hopes and prays decent minded Americans will make the connection.

Finally, it is our hope that the corporate leadership at Disney will see the error of their ways and change directions, so that all those boycotting the company can return again, to the Disney most came to love and trust in past generations.  undefined