AFO – American Family Online – protection for your family
Don Wildmon
Don Wildmon
AFA/AFR founder

October 1998 – Nearly 22 years ago God called me to begin this ministry. Through His blessing AFA has grown into a radio network and news service, an outreach division to help those addicted to pornography, a law center, and a monthly magazine.

In August we began another project, American Family Online. AFO is an Internet Service Provider (ISP). We began AFO because we want families to be protected from the destructive material that is so easily available on the Internet. Certainly none of the major national ISPs were interested in such a project. They were interested only in the amount of money they could make.

When companies which censor the Internet began to censor AFA’s site (www. we became even more committed to staking out a corner of cyberspace for families. In August, AFO went on-line offering a service that protects families from pornography and the other trash. The protection is implemented at the server. That means the protection software cannot be overridden by any user. Because the filter can not be bypassed, your whole family is protected.

I hope, if you are on the Internet, that you will subscribe to AFO to protect yourself and your family against the destructive material that’s available with a simple click of the mouse.

As an encouragement to use AFO, we have established an affinity program through which 10% of your subscription fee will be returned to a pre-approved ministry of your choice. That makes the service attractive to churches and other organizations. 

AFO’s subscription fee is $23.95 a month. If you pay by the year, you get the service for $240 – that is two free months! Yes, that’s a dollar or two more than the national ISPs charge, but isn’t your family worth it?

Currently AFO blocks over 500,000 porn sites. Since porn sites are being added to the Internet at the rate of 300-500 per day, there is no ISP which can guarantee 100% protection. However AFO has set up a quick and easy way to identify those sites and we believe our system offers the highest level of protection available. But since nothing is perfect, we still encourage mom and dad to be involved and informed.

I have always thought of AFA as a family. Working together we can use the Internet for the benefit it can provide our families with an absolute minimum of trash. There is so much excellent information available. We must not turn it over to those who seek to exploit our families like we did with television and movies.

One more thing. AFO is ready to work with local ISPs that share our goal of safe Internet access. Steve Ensley, President of AFO,has already prepared several agreements to work with other Christians involved in providing this service.

AFA has made a large investment to bring AFO into reality. I hope you will support it and encourage others to do so. Contact AFO on the Internet at or at 601-840-6464.

And please, remember to pray for this new venture by your AFA.  undefined