If I were the devil…
Don Wildmon
Don Wildmon
AFA/AFR founder

February 2000 – I got to thinking the other day about what I would do if I were the devil and wanted to rid America of Christian influence.

I would have the Baptists announce they were going to try to lead non-Christians to the Lord. Then I would call together several non-Christians, along with several “Christian” leaders, and strongly condemn the Baptists for doing such a thing. I would let the world know that what they are doing is nothing less than practicing “hate speech.”

I would get the producers of television programs to censor Christians out of programs. I would never show anyone going to church, or praying, or talking about a personal relationship with Christ. I would also drop in “Christians” occasionally and depict them as counterfeit characters with shoddy morals. I would place a “homosexual” character in lots of programs, and I would always depict them in the best possible light. Anyone who believed homosexuality was immoral would be shown as narrow-minded, bigoted, and ignorant.

I would compartmentalize Christianity so that it doesn’t interfere with the rest of life. I would run any news pertaining to Christianity and churches on a Saturday “church page” in the newspaper. And, of course, much of what I would put on that page would be from “broad-minded Christians” who are in tune with the world. I would never mention anything related to Christianity in the regular news. The only exception would be a negative story about a Christian, implying that he represents all Christians.

I would use entertainment to ridicule Christian morals. I would belittle any athlete who decides not to hide his or her Christian faith. I would censor news about those who dared to take a stand for Christ, even martyrs. I would not reference the fact that they were Christian or that their faith played any role in their suffering or death.

I would convince everyone that Christians should never be involved in politics unless, of course, their politics were the same as mine. I would make fun of anyone who said that personal morality had anything to do with public service.

I would have judges appointed who would legislate from the bench. What laws I could not get passed through legislation, I would have my judges rule into law.

I would convince individuals that when they have attended a church service and given a little money, they have done all that is necessary to be good “Christians.” I would persuade pastors not to preach on “controversial” issues because they might upset some of the members, especially those who give more than a minimum amount and are “upstanding” citizens in their community.

I would convince society that the traditional family unit is no longer needed or desired. In fact, I would convince them to breed children and then turn the children over to the state, which can do a much better job of raising them.

These are just some of the things I would do if I were the devil. But you know, why should I bother? Someone is doing all of these things already.  undefined