Gateway drops offensive commercial
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August 2002 – (OMM) and (OMD) have scored another victory in the battle against sex, violence, and profanity on television.

The popular computer manufacturer Gateway has decided to end the run of its controversial commercial after the company received thousands of E-mails from OMM and OMD members. The ad featured a woman dressed like an exotic dancer who performed a sexually suggestive dance around a computer. Gateway initially defended the commercial, saying it was a spoof of pop culture.

“I never bought that explanation, and neither did supporters,” said OMM/OMD Chairman Don Wildmon. “The ad was designed to be sexual. A spoof can be creative and funny without being sleazy.”

Wildmon said the E-mails apparently made a difference. “Gateway notified us that after July 5 the company would no longer run the ad,” he said. “We’re happy that Gateway has decided to be a good corporate citizen.”

OMM and OMD have continued to be successful in efforts to communicate viewer dissatisfaction to advertisers over the shows they sponsor and over some of the advertisers’ own television spots.

“For years, we tried to appeal to advertisers’ sense of decency,” Wildmon said. “When that failed, we switched to economic pressure. Right now, and are proving to be a powerful tool to persuade advertisers to act with some sense of responsibility.”

This year, OMM and OMD supporters have helped convince numerous companies – including Chrysler, Sears, 7-Up, Subway, Honda, Budget, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, KFC, and WD-40 – to reconsider their advertising decisions.

Wildmon said, “Maybe now more advertisers will clean up their act, rather than trying to compete with the sleazy shows on TV.”

Concerned parents can register with either of the AFA E-mail campaigns by visiting online or

Wildmon said participants concerned about privacy online can rest assured AFA will not be sharing the registration database or E-mail addresses.  undefined

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